China Auto Glass Production Facility Gets Corning Investment

Corning continues to grow in China, as evidenced by investment in a facility there that will be fully operational sometime in 2019. The company announced, in a press release earlier this month, its plans to invest in an existing production facility with the Hefei government’s support. Quick growth in the automotive glass business is a main goal for Corning’s recent investment in an existing production facility. This investment would make three company investments there within a three year time frame.

“Corning is excited to be delivering technical glass solutions that address and accelerate the adoption of more dynamic and visually appealing in-vehicle infotainment systems,” Michael Kunigonis, Corning Automotive Glass Solutions vice president and general manager said.

The auto glass facility is located in the Hefei Xinzhan hi-tech industrial development zone in China’s Anhui Province. The facility will focus on making Corning’s Automotive Interiors Gorilla Glass.

“… We have found Hefei to have excellent infrastructure and a solid base of skilled local talent. We appreciate the support we have received from the Hefei municipal government and the industrial development leadership from Anhui provincial officials,” Li Fang, Corning Greater China president and general manager said.

Corning has more than 40 years in the automotive glass industry through its original equipment manufacturer market presence.

“Corning’s investment will deliver the capability, quality and capacity the auto industry needs to drive innovation and supply drivers with the connectivity and user experience they desire,” Kunigonis said.

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