Feeney: Reports on My Demise are False

Tom Feeney thinks he and Mark Twain have something in common. The Safelite CEO echoes one of the Midwest’s most prolific writers, saying that reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.

In a wide-ranging interview with glassBYTEs.com/AGRR magazine on August 21st, Feeney talked about his future, the coming changes in his company’s salesforce and some of Safelite’s newest innovations.

“The truth is we are constantly changing and organizations that don’t change are destined to die,” said Feeney. “Look at Polaroid, Blockbuster and others that did not adapt.

“So Belron continues to evolve and it has restructured the Belron globe. The company is now divided into three regions: North America (which includes the U.S., Canada and Mexico), Europe and the “rest of the world”.

With this restructuring comes one change in Feeney’s role.

Effective September 1, Feeney will become responsible for all of North America. As Belron has announced it is going with a franchise model throughout Mexico, his focus will be on Canada. “All franchises, no matter where they are, report to Nigel Doggett, who will be responsible for that “rest of the world” category,” Feeney explained. The most major change is that the Ralph Hosker, CEO of Belron Canada, will now report to him. “Ralph and I will look for opportunities and work together in unique ways we haven’t before, so I am excited by that,” said Feeney.

“The industry would probably like me to go away” he joked, “but I’m not.”

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