Flying with Glass Walls and Floors

Flying just got a little more luxurious, thanks to glass floors and walls installed in the UK’s Airlander 10 aircraft. Though the aircraft has a rounder style when compared to the traditional American style, it doesn’t sacrifice on the total passenger experience. Company owners are referring to the Airlander 10 as a hybrid air vehicle. In fact, it only seats 19 travelers in addition to its crew, which the company claims supports the overall look and feel.

This was years in the making, according to Airlander 10. At first the aircraft had difficulties staying in the air. In 2016 it crashed during its second flight. Since then, there have been a vast amount of aerodynamic improvements making it the largest form of air travel to date. The improvements have also lead to successful flights that include being in the air without any issues for five days.

One of the most unique aspects of the aircraft is its large windows and glass floor.

The cabin area and communal lounge are encased in glass. This allows all guests to have a view that can spread across the skyline. “From day one, we have pushed the boundaries of what aircraft can do. As we move forward with the production Airlander, we are now providing entirely new solutions to our customers’ needs,” said the manufacturer Design Q in a release. Each guest can also have their own luxurious private en-suite bedroom while in the air, meanwhile, the Altitude Bar will offer drinks on the aircraft.

Design Q’s CEO Howard Guy says, “We love doing different things. Our fantastic team of young designers relish the opportunity to do something no one’s done before, to imagine a new concept and then to get into the detailed design of what this space will be.”

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