Fuyao in the Spotlight Again for Auto Worker Treatment

Fuyao Glass America has been issued a subpoena regarding its alleged treatment of certain employees. The company is under investigation for whether or not the company terminated some of its employees because they were in support of the United Auto Workers union. An electronic subpoena has been filed to get more information about how the auto glass company allegedly treated its union supporters. “[Fuyao] has impeded and continues to impede the unfair labor practice investigation before the board and is preventing the board from carrying out its duties and functions under the Act,” Joseph Tansino, NLRB attorney said to Cincinnati’s federal court.

Last November, Fuyao workers voted 886 to 441 against creating a new United Auto Workers, which they had been trying to form for months prior.

This isn’t the first subpoena for the auto glass company. In June, the company tried revoking a previous subpoena, but the National Labor Relations Board NLRB denied its request. “The employer has failed to establish any other legal basis for revoking the subpoena,” the NLRB wrote in a June 22 order.

“It would be an oversimplification to say that they’re not cooperating [now],” Garey Lindsay, NLRB regional director, said in a release.

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