Top 5 Hurricane Storm Damage Risk States

Hurricanes are best known for the damage it leaves behind. High winds can move large bodies of water which can create storm surges, flooding and tsunami like conditions across the country. And some states are left with numerous destroyed vehicles and homes.

According to CoreLogic’s 2018 storm surge report, there were a few states with higher risks of experiencing storms and its damage. The top five states with the most risk for residential damage, as found in the July issue of National Underwriter, are as follows: Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey and New York.

Florida was ranked number one on CoreLogic’s list. The sunshine state had just over 350 thousand homes that were in the extreme storm damage section. While other areas of the state had ranges of risk for residential damage that started with 1,064,674 and went to 2,292,791.

Tsunami like conditions can also result in vehicle damage, if a car is fully submerged in water carrying other materials and debris, it’s possible for windshields to get loosened and even crack. An increase in damaged windshields results in an increase in repair and replacement work for auto glass shops. Earlier this summer, a severe hail storm in Colorado Springs, Colo., that left auto glass shops with more work than they could handle. The demand will continue to grow as storms and hurricanes become more common.

Louisiana took second place on the list. It had more than 600,000 homes that were in high risk areas in addition to having just over 72,000 homes at risk that fell into the extreme category.

“Depending on the location of a storm’s landfall and that area’s population density and reconstruction costs, lower category storms can cause just as much damage,” Dr. Tom Jeffery, CoreLogic senior hazard scientist, said in a statement in the July issue of National Underwriter.

Texas, the Lone Star state was third on the list, having the most risk in the moderate section, resulting with just under 385,000 reported. In fourth place with 95,659 reported risk in the extreme category was New Jersey. This state also had just over 380,000 at risk in the high category and 471,353 at risk in its moderate section.

Finally, the Big Apple took fifth place. New York had 75,238 in reported extreme damage risk, while also having more than 220,000 in its very high reported damage section.

According to, the mid Atlantic may get tropical rainfall. “There’s been a lot of rainfall for the spring and summer, so if we do get any tropical impact, the risk of flash flooding will exist,” Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather expert long-range forecaster, said.

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