Boaters Have A New Standard Drafted For Their Windshields

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), submitted a notification to ANSI related to boating. It partially focuses on boat windshields. The new standard draft, identified as ABYC H-03-201x, highlights exterior windows, windshields and glazing materials in boats. ABYC H-03-201x can be found in the Standard Actions Report.

“This standard is a guide for the design, construction and installation of exterior windows, windshields, hatches, port lights, doors, and all glazing materials on boats,” an excerpt from the PINS new standard.

ABYC H-03-201x applies for all boats, according to the report. Some of its stakeholders include:

  • Surveyors,
  • Consumers,
  • Insurance personnel,
  • Boat manufacturers,
  • Engine manufacturers,
  • Accessory manufacturers,
  • The government,
  • Service specialists, and
  • Trade associations.

This standard applies to exterior windows, windshields, hatches, doors, port lights, and glazing materials for all boats. To view the complete document, click here.

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