Punctuality, Communication Critical to Your Customer’s Experience

Price is important to your customer—but it isn’t everything. That was the message from Key Media & Research’s (KMR) director of research Nick St. Denis as a result of a new KMR research project. St. Denis discussed the results from a study based on KMR data and anecdotes from auto glass replacement customer service feedback who have had their glass replaced in the last six months.

The study consisted of information from 225 anonymous Glass.com customer service reviews of glass shops throughout the U. S. Glass.com is an intermediary that connects glass shops with local customers looking for auto glass replacement services.

In the study, KMR found that while over 70 percent of customers say they chose a particular auto glass shop due to price, their satisfaction with the business largely depended on whether the technician arrived on time and completed the job within the scheduled timeframe.

Eighty percent of auto glass customers in the survey said their job was completed on time and/or that their technician maintained the appointment schedule. Of those 80 percent, over 99 percent also said in the questionnaire that they would recommend the business to others. Of the other 20 percent, just 10 percent said they would recommend the shop.

“Customers greatly value their time,” St. Denis said, providing a few examples of customer comments from negative reviews. In each of the comments, the customer noted that they ultimately canceled and contacted another shop. “What do they all have in common?” he asked. “… They went to a competitor. ”

However, customers also proved to be lenient if the shop or technician kept a good line of communication. Many review comments said that if there was a slight change or delay in meeting the appointment time, the business called ahead. Practically all of those reviews were positive.

St. Denis didn’t just focus on the negative, though. In fact, he noted that overall reviews in the study were very positive, with an average rating of 4. 1 out of 5 stars and nearly 70 percent of reviews coming in at five stars.

“For comparison, according to the Wall Street Journal, Yelp says 46 percent of the reviews consumers give local businesses are five stars, and online product ratings average about 4. 3 stars, according to PowerReviews,” he said. “So by those measures, the auto glass industry is right on par with other industries. ”

St. Denis provided examples of common positive reviews and what factors were repeated in those reviews. Being on time was a major factor, as was efficiency. “These positive reviews almost always mention how the job was done quickly, but they don’t say ‘rushed’ or ‘left a mess behind,’” he said.

Other common traits of good technicians, according to respondents, were “pleasant,” courteous” and “respectful. ”

“There were quite a few comments where customers named the technician by name—this is pretty telling,” St. Denis said. “In some of the reviews, customers talked about how the technician was funny or made the experience enjoyable. If you can make an auto glass replacement enjoyable to the customer, I give you all the credit in the world. ”

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