Why Your Shop Should Keep Thermal Cameras on Its Radar

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) being installed in vehicles are quickly becoming the “norm” for car buyers. As you know, many drivers like having the extra sense of security through ADAS safety features. But one company has introduced an option to increase driver visibility in addition to having ADAS installed.

FLIR recently hosted a webinar with Autonomous Vehicle on the benefits of having thermal cameras in addition to ADAS. One of the main goals is to increase driver visibility to reduce the amount of car accidents that happen each year, according to the webinar. Fewer accidents mean there could be a decrease in the amount of windshields needing repair or replacement, which directly affects your business.

“There is potential for thermal cameras to make its way into the automotive industry and improve conditions for pedestrians, animals and drivers at night,” Mike Walters, Automotive Thermal Cameras at FLIR vice president, said.

Thermal cameras sense heat in a being, and this enables the cameras to also have a farther range at which to cover. Some of the other benefits of using these types of cameras include:

  • The ability to see in complete darkness,
  • The ability to see through obscurants,
  • Being able to accurately detect animals and people, and
  • Being able to measure temperature.

With features like the previously mentioned, being an option, one might wonder about the cameras placement on the vehicle.

“As far as mounting is concerned, these cameras should be placed on a vehicle’s grill and be enclosed to prevent debris, water and other elements from coming in contact with the electrical components of the cameras,” Walters said.

According to the webinar, one camera could cost thousands of dollars and do not work well when trying to recognize lane markings and street signs.

“The option is available and FLIR has been working on its thermal cameras for years as an addition to the automotive industry,” Walters added.

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