Workers Continue to Press for Compensation from Fuyao

The class action lawsuit against Fuyao has new guidelines to follow thanks to a U.S. District Court. Workers allege that their employer, Fuyao, did not fairly compensate them for the overtime hours they worked. Though the Ohio glass manufacturer stated it compensated all of its employees fairly, it didn’t prevent the hundreds from joining the lawsuit.

According to court documents, the Cincinnati District Court is in the process of making guidelines for the discovery process in the lawsuit. Currently this case has 636 former and current employees suing the glass manufacturer.

“…the discovery process will be limited to 120 opt-in plaintiffs,” a statement from court documents reads.

This means Fuyao is able to choose 80 plaintiffs. The plaintiffs, themselves, get to choose 20 op-in plaintiffs and an additional 20 will be selected at random, according to the court document. It’s not uncommon for there to be discovery phases in lawsuits of this size or larger. At this point the trial has not started yet, but it allows lawyers on either side to interview and gather information from those chosen to participate in the case.

The glass manufacturer can take up to 30 depositions of the opt-in plaintiffs in the discovery class, according to the court document. The new report also mentions that the depositions are not to exceed 4 hours.  The court has not yet set a date to begin the trial. Fuyao declined to respond to the newest development in its case at this time.

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