Users React to Changes at Safelite Solutions

Automotive glass company users that bill through Safelite Solutions Network have noticed some changes, such as a shift to a new online approval system and new staff.

Deanna Hatch, the office manager for Tiny & Sons in Pembroke, Mass., said the claim administrator’s old online login system is no longer in use and her team now must use the new one.

“We now have a hard time logging in,” she said. “If one person is logged in and you have to change a password, it gets lost in the shuffle. You can’t get logged back in for a week or two. Their whole process is miserable. It’s supposed to be easier with online approvals. Everything has to be done through email when you have an issue, and it can take three or four days to hear back. We bill out a lot with them.”

Claims approvals used to take six hours and now they can take up to 48 hours, added Peter Brown, president of Tiny & Sons.

Jeff Glaser, owner of Glaser Glass in New Bedford, Mass., said the new system is working; however, there are some hiccups. He noted that some insurers don’t approve the OEM glass right away and his team needs to send manufacturer position statements on the need for OEM glass, especially in light of calibrations. If this crops up with Safelite Solutions, the claims administrator can take longer than some other insurers to reply with approval, Glaser said.

“We are a member of the network and it would be nice to be able to get answers right away,” Glaser said. “From some insurance companies, we get approvals in five minutes. With Safelite Solutions, it takes a little longer than that. It would be helpful if they can give us approvals on jobs with calibrations within five minutes. I’m sure they are doing the best that they can on that. We’re on the front lines. Customers want their glass changed and we’re here to inform them about changes with ADAS. If they were able to expedite approvals quicker, that would be good.”

David Lilley, owner of in Thousand Oaks, Calif., said his challenge is that he is new to the online system.

“I’ve done one job for them,” he explained. “I can’t put something new in the system until I have a job already in there. I have my shop number and that information, but until an invoice is paid, I can’t use their system.”

Stay tuned to for a follow up story sharing insights on the changes from Safelite.

“We constantly assess talent and upgrade our team to continually meet the changing needs of our customers and clients. It’s inevitable in today’s business climate,” said Keriake​ Lucas, director of communications for Safelite Group.

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