Mitchell International Takes a Look at Industry Trends in Q4

The more artificial intelligence (AI) expands, the more it will impact the automotive repair industry, according to Mitchell International. The company recently published its 2018 Fourth Quarter Industry Trends Report, which looks into how intelligent automation is changing collision insurance repair as well as industry trends.

Mitchell International’s CEO, Alex Sun, gave insight on how the property, casualty and collision repair industries will be affected by increased developments in AI.

“… as AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous, it will allow [knowledgeable] workers to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more on human [tasks] that drive better outcomes,” Sun said.

Another highlight from the report included how productivity has changed due to an increase in using robotic process automation (RPA). According to the company, productivity overall has increased when using RPA.

“… [Knowledgeable] workers in the claims ecosystem could automate repetitive tasks by using a combination of simple and intelligent RPA, they would enjoy a significant increase in productivity. Better yet, they could use that time on tasks that require a human touch: making personal connections, providing consultations, being empathetic—things that drive different behaviors and actions and can truly help improve outcomes and restore injured people’s lives,” Sun said.

AI hasn’t only impacted the collision insurance repair industry, it’s also changed the way claims are being reported and filed, according to Mitchell International. The company has taken a look at ways to ensure the process is straight forward and less confusing for those who need to file claims after an accident.

“… with regulatory compliance and required paperwork, streamlining the process isn’t as simple as it sounds. Technology that facilitates automation can help create the positive experiences for claimants that we strive to provide. Though we all have heard the scary predictions about how artificial intelligence and automation will take away jobs and completely change the nature of work, the P&C industry has a great opportunity to embrace technology and use it to both simplify and personalize the claims process,” said Nina Smith, Mitchell executive vice president and general manager of casualty solutions.

To read the full report, click here.

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