Bill to Index AGRR Job Pricing in New Hampshire Introduced

A bill has been introduced last Thursday in the New Hampshire House of Representatives that seeks to allow anti-steering language while allowing the insurer to limit payment to “fair and reasonable“—although body shops definition of “fair and reasonable” may be different than glass shops.

“Nothing shall prohibit any insurance company, agent or adjuster from providing to such insured … the name of an automobile glass company or automobile repair company with which arrangements may have been made with respect to automobile glass or repair prices or services,” reads the bill. “If a name is provided, there must be disclosure by the insurance company, agent or adjuster to the insured person or entity that any other automobile glass company or automobile repair company or location may be used at the discretion of the insured person or entity.”

If passed as law, the bill would allow insurers to limit payment for AGRR work to be based on the fair and reasonable price in the area by repair shops or facilities providing similar services with the usual and customary guarantees as to materials and workmanship. The bill would also allow auto repair shops (mechanical repair facilities) to be paid rates fair and reasonable for mechanical repair facilities. The bill has been referred to House Commerce and Consumer Repair Committee. It was introduced by Kermit R. Williams (D-Hillsborough 04).

To read the full bill, click here.

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1 Response to Bill to Index AGRR Job Pricing in New Hampshire Introduced

  1. Robert says:

    OH that’s nice we will let you chose BUT we will allow the insures to set the rates they pay. SHOW ME HOW THEY DECIRN FAIR AND REASONABLE. Training, skills, equipment, service. OR what is the lowest rates they can come up with. HMMMMMM wonder how they do that. IT IS NOT A INSURER TRADE SECRET. How the determine rates HAS ALWAYS been a fix for them. BY the way WHO is going to UNDER the bus when something happens DUE to THIER fair and reasonable rates. BUT BUT BUT your Honor we only reimburse the customer.. THEY THEY THE SHOPS are the professionals. THEY SHOULD HAVE REFUSED THE WORK. OR done the right thing and sued for reimbursement. BLAH BLAH BLAH SO TIRED OF THEY PULLING things.

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