Auto Windscreens Showcases ADAS in its Automotive Connecting Conference

Auto Windscreens tackled ADAS recalibrations in the aftermarket at its Automotive Connecting Conference last week. Executives from Mazda, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen Group addressed delegates, covering major advancements in assisted and automated technology and discussed concerns from fleets and insurers around what these mean to vehicle repairs.

Speakers illustrated the differing rates with ADAS and highlighted the importance of correct recalibration to ensure driver safety.

“The conference provided a highly successful forum for discussions on ADAS and autonomous driving and importantly raised the need for safe recalibrations. Vehicle manufacturers demonstrated the markedly different technologies in their vehicles and how recalibration requirements are not uniformed, dispelling the myth that a one-size-fits-all approach to recalibration is feasible,” said Rupert Armitage, Auto Windscreens’ managing director.

Nick Goodess, Volkswagen Group’s paint and body technical trainer, commented on the ‘element of risk’ potentially being increased if a vehicle is recalibrated on a driveway, rather than in precise workshop conditions. He explained an uneven surface could result in a 30m error in distance estimates, impacting the functionality of ADAS.

“While legislation for autonomous vehicles is still some way off, the Law Commission’s Preliminary Consultation Paper states insurers will be liable for accident damage, which can then be reclaimed from other parties, such as VMs. The question I posed to attendees is, will a VM reject paying such a claim now on a vehicle with ADAS if non-OEM parts are used and recalibration is done with unapproved equipment,” said Armitage.

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