How Changes In Mobility May Impact Your Business

How people get from point A to point B is often a topic of discussion because it changes so frequently. Over the past few years shop owners and drivers have seen changes in transportation through things like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Head Up Displays (HUD) being installed in newer vehicle models.

There are a vast amount of ways newer technology can alter or impact your business, one main example can be seen as the amount of work your shop might be getting. According to today’s webinar hosted by Autonomous Vehicle, the interest in having more artificial intelligence (AI) installed in vehicles has steadily increased. This can directly impact the amount of accidents had by vehicle drivers, according to the webinar, which can mean dollars not spent for repairs in your shop. Fewer accidents can also translate to a decrease in the amount of windshields needing repair or replacement, which directly affects your business.

“Technology is deep learning and artificial intelligence. We think this is the future of the industry and [drivers] need to know the way people are projected to travel is changing,” said Gary Silberg, KPMG automotive sector leader.

Throughout the webinar Silberg explained how the younger demographic and the older “baby boomers” are becoming more interested in self-driving vehicles as a means of transportation. KPMG’s research showed an expected half trillion vehicle miles to be travelled by the self-driving cars.

“This is expected to create a massive market. We think people are going to not only love new forms of self-driving options, but also buy it. Based off of our data, we’re expecting numbers in the trillions for autonomous vehicles,” Silberg added.

Another interesting point discussed in the webinar included vehicle sales overall. Based off of KPMG’s research, sedan sales are expected to have a notable decrease as more will be interested in autonomous mobility services, or fully AI vehicles.

How will your shop handle the future changes in mobility?

“In my experience good technology often finds its way into the market. So the question really is, when is it coming,” said Aaron Jefferson, ZF Electronics and Advanced Driver Assist Systems marketing and business development vice president.

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