Aftermarket Windshield Recall

Fujian Wanda Automotive Glass Industry Co. Ltd. (Wanda) has issued a voluntary recall of nine different aftermarket windshields it makes citing safety concerns.

Wanda’s recall announcement says a wire harness that is sealed at the bottom of the windshield can break during manufacturing, assembly, handling or vehicle use; or have broken during manufacturing, potentially allowing water to travel into the vehicle’s wiring. This can cause corrosion or water damage. This damage could affect the vehicle’s operation and may cause it to stall or experience little or no throttle response during operation. The voluntary recall notice says this “could result in a vehicle crash with prior notice.” Warnings may include a dashboard indicator being displayed for power steering, traction control, oil and/or battery and “brake” or “override system failure messages.”

NHTSA recall 18E107 covers the following NAGS part numbers generally used in Toyota Highlanders and produced between Sept 7, 2015 and March 10, 2018:









The company says the following conditions must be met in order for its recall:

  1. The Fuyao logo and the word FUYAO must be present;
  2. The marketing as DOT number 459.
  3. The NAGS Part numbers; and
  4. A number sequence at the bottom starts with 5, 6, 7, 8∙*, 8∙**, or 8∙***.”
    Glass shops with such windshields in their inventory should contact the company’s customer service at 888-267-1168 about disposing of the windshields. The notice cautioned that the continued sale of a recalled product is a federal offense and to notify customers who have such windshields, or to provide their names and addresses to Wanda.


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