Honda States New Requirements for Post Collision Diagnostic and Scan Tools

Honda recently released new language for its requirements for minimum diagnostic scans, inspections and calibrations done on vehicles following a collision. A main highlight featured the need to calibrate vehicles with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

“In addition, these driver assistive systems often will not display diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) during a vehicle scan unless there is damage to the applicable system, so aiming and/or calibration may be required. Refer to the published procedures on aiming and calibration in the appropriate service information available on ServiceExpress by searching the keyword aiming,” a portion of the revised text reads.

Honda’s new statement has gone into effect and has replaced its previous position statement from 2017. Honda’s revision stresses the need to use its i-HDS scan software on Hondas and Acuras rather than a third-party scan tool or service. The previous version called the i-HDS the “recommended way to accurately determine the post-collision status of all Honda and Acura vehicle electronic control systems.”

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