Louisiana House Passes Bill and Moves It to Senate

A Louisiana bill that would “provide for insureds to have the option to choose a particular motor vehicle repair shop,” is moving to the Senate. Also known as HB 411, was originally introduced in the House then revised before moving to the Senate. A floor debate was held yesterday, and it passed the House with minor amendments with a vote of 88-0.

According to the latest version, the proposed law “requires that an insurer shall provide notice in any circumstance to the insured that there is no requirement to use a recommended place or shop for motor vehicle service or glass window repair.”

“[the] Proposed law repeals present law and provides that if the insurer violates present law then the commissioner of insurance shall fine the insurer $1,000 for the first offense, $2,500 for a second offense that occurs within a twelve-month period of the first offense, and $5,000 for a third or subsequent offense that occurs within a twelve-month period of the preceding offense,” a portion of the revised version reads.

To view the bill’s full text, click here.

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