March Drivers Weren’t Afraid To Hit the Roads

Updated travel numbers show drivers have been behind the wheel a little more often as the number of miles driven increased in March 2019. All road and street travel improved by 0.3%, or 0.9 billion vehicle miles, compared to March 2018, according to the Federal Highway Administration’s most recent numbers.

Month-over-month miles driven increased by 1.3% (3.4 billion vehicle miles) compared to February 2019.

Overall travel for the month is estimated to be 270.2 billion vehicle miles. Cumulative travel for the year went up by 0.5%, or 3.6 billion vehicle miles, to an estimated 741.5 billion vehicle miles of travel.

On a year-over-year basis, most of the regions saw an increase in its miles driven. The Northeast saw the most improvement, its percentage grew by 2.2%. The South-Atlantic had the next highest improvement, it increased by 1.5%. The West saw an increase of 0.7%. Meanwhile, the North-Central decreased by 1.1%. The South-Gulf region also saw a decrease in its miles driven by 0.9%.

Year-over-year figures in billions:

Region Total Travel Percentage Change
North-East 37.0 2.2
South-Atlantic 61.2 1.5
North-Central 57.1 -1.1
South-Gulf 55.7 -0.9
West 59.0 0.7


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