OE Industry Seeks More Collaboration

As in any industry, it’s difficult to foster true collaboration among all sides of the chain. But members of the auto OE glazing industry who gathered in roundtable sessions yesterday shared ideas on how to do just that.

Joseph Poley reported on some of the round table sessions yesterday including coming regulations.

Four topics were given to members of the Automotive Glazing USA event in suburban Detroit: Regulations; OEM collaboration with suppliers; Polycarbonate trends; and Sensors. The most popular by far was when attendees came together to discuss OEM collaboration with suppliers. That group was led by Martin Tune, supplier quality, BMW Manufacturing Co., and he reported back to all attendees on their discussions.

“When new technology comes out, what happens next?” Tune asked. “Who is going to bring those solutions to the table?” He said there was much frustration among participants on this topic.

“If the OEM would spec the equipment used to produce a product it would eliminate waste,” he reported.

“You have the OEM requirements but then you have the requirements from the sub suppliers,” Tune said. “How do we get involved early? We need to make all these requirements known immediately and get in on the design phase early enough.”

He also reported that the group said it would be helpful if OEMs reached out to those on the plant level.

“The OEM needs to be transparent and active on what design trends they are working on,” said Tune, and then share those down the chain.

“This is good advice for me to carry back as a very small fish in a very big pond,” he added.

The conference continues through today. Stay tuned to glassBYTEs.com for additional coverage.

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