Autoglass® Industry Review Reveals Skills Gap in UK Body Shops

The rising number of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)-enabled vehicles on United Kingdom (UK) roads has led to a skills shortage amongst the UK’s body repair businesses, according to a report from Autoglass®.

Autoglass® and Autoglass® BodyRepair, the mobile bodyshop repair specialist, conducted a review of existing industry data on the body shop market and standards of ADAS calibrations. The review found data which showed that 35.3 percent of UK repair businesses felt that a lack of skilled labor was the greatest threat to their business.

The review also revealed that fixed site body repair businesses have struggled to keep up with the rate that new technologies, such as ADAS, have been introduced to UK vehicles. One survey showed that 28.7 percent of body repair businesses had turned down jobs due to the technology and repair techniques required.

“This industry data shows us that the automotive world is changing rapidly, and every business involved in the sector needs to adapt to keep up,” says Neil Atherton, sales and marketing director at Autoglass. “There is  a lot of talk about driverless technologies but it is important to consider the knock on impact their introduction will have on some businesses, especially smaller ones, who may not have the resources to be able to invest in the skills required to provide these essential services.

“As a result, body shops are being forced to send the work to dealerships to be completed. This increases the body shop key-to-key time and the amount of time a driver is without their car, furthering the inconvenience and increasing the cost for both the motorist and body shop” he adds.

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