State Rankings in Infrastructure Released

America’s top states for business ranking is now available. The annual CNBC study ranks all 50 states based on their scores in ten categories of competitiveness.

“Our exclusive study scores all states on 64 metrics across 10 categories of competitiveness. Our study is not an opinion survey, as we measure actual performance by the states,” according to the company.

The study’s aim is to grade each state based on qualities it deems most important in attracting business. For the 2018 results, states have also been given a letter grade in each category to measure its performance.

The infrastructure category highlights each state’s access to transportation. The company states it measures the vitality of each state’s transportation system by the value of goods shipped by air, waterways, roads and rail. The quality of state roads, bridges, and the time it takes to commute to work were also considered in this category’s ranking.

The chart below displays each state’s infrastructure ranking.


States (alphabetically) Infrastructure Ranking (out of 400 points) Grade
Alabama 218 B-
Alaska 192 C
Arizona 226 B
Arkansas 231 B
California 203 C+
Colorado 197 C+
Connecticut 150 D
Delaware 189 C
Florida 247 B+
Georgia 263 A
Hawaii 173 D+
Idaho 203 C+
Illinois 205 C+
Indiana 279 A+
Iowa 203 C+
Kansas 277 B
Kentucky 251 A-
Louisiana 177 C-
Maine 140 D-
Maryland 157 D
Massachusetts 168 D+
Michigan 218 B-
Minnesota 255 A-
Mississippi 172 D+
Missouri 238 B+
Montana 193 C
Nebraska 197 C
Nevada 247 B+
New Hampshire 123 F
New Jersey 164 D+
New Mexico 223 B-
New York 158 D
North Carolina 206 C+
North Dakota 227 B
Ohio 261 A-
Oklahoma 201 C+
Oregon 200 C+
Pennsylvania 185 C+
Rhode Island 100 F
South Carolina 189 C
South Dakota 177 C-
Tennessee 259 A-
Texas 288 A+
Utah 246 B+
Vermont 193 C
Virginia 207 C+
Washington 196 C+
West Virginia 157 D
Wisconsin Unavailable Unavailable
Wyoming 231 B

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