Safelite Acquires TruRoad—owner of J.N. Phillips, TechnaGlass, Harmon and Strategic Claims

Safelite Group (Safelite), owner of Safelite AutoGlass, has acquired the combined businesses of TruRoad. TruRoad owns several businesses that include: JN Phillips Auto Glass, TechnaGlass, Windshield Centers, Carolina Windshield Centers, and Harmon AutoGlass service brands and StrategicClaim software and services business unit. According to Safelite, the transaction was completed at the close of business August 19, 2019.

TruRoad was formed as the result of a roll-up by CenterOak Partners LLC, in March 2018, joining the Bowrail Group, the parent company of JN Philips Auto Glass, StrategicClaim, and Techna Glass, Inc. Robert “Bob” Rosenfield had served as the CEO of both TruRoad Holdings, Inc. and JN Phillips Auto Glass, Troy Mason as president of TechnaGlass. At that time, a company press release said TruRoad was the second largest automotive glass and claims-management company in the United States.

TruRoad’s current leadership team includes: its CEO Rosenfield; managing director Maureen Confalone; TechnaGlass CEO Mason; TechnaGlass president Rich Harrison; and StrategicClaim CEO Fred Lizza.

Sources have said Confalone and Mason are staying on, Rosenfield has opted not to continue. The status of Harrison and Lizza were unknown at press time.

TruRoad provides on-demand auto glass, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) recalibration and claims services. It also serves its consumers, insurance carriers, and fleets across 17 states through a network of 2,000 company‐owned, franchised and contracted providers.

“I am proud to have been the steward and leader of our family business for over 30 years,” said Rosenfield. “My grandfather Philip, with his two young sons, started in the 1930s with one shop, no money, and the simple wish to provide for a better life for his family. That business, JN Phillips, grew to be one of the vehicle glass service leaders in New England and served as the foundation, along with TechnaGlass, to create TruRoad. I am so grateful for the mighty contributions of every TruRoad team member, and for their hard work in making us a leading provider of auto glass services across the U.S. I look forward to this next phase for the business and for our exceptional team members under Safelite and Belron’s visionary leadership.”

“The passion of TruRoad’s people drives their success—just like Safelite,” said Tom Feeney, Safelite Group president and CEO. “Our people powered, customer driven strategy aligns with TruRoad’s schedule easily, service locally business philosophy. We welcome their people to our Safelite family and to our Belron parent company.”

“In 2007 we welcomed Safelite to Belron and watched the business grow to be the largest, most respected leader in the industry. Today, it’s an honor to do the same with TruRoad. As third-generation leaders of family businesses, I have the highest respect for Bob and the accomplishments both he and his teams have achieved,” said Gary Lubner, Belron CEO.

ADAS recalibrations will be a top priority as best practices tools, and trainings are shared, according to a Safelite release.

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16 Responses to Safelite Acquires TruRoad—owner of J.N. Phillips, TechnaGlass, Harmon and Strategic Claims

  1. when is the gov’t going to call a monopoly a monopoly.

  2. Kerry wanstrath says:

    Rarely does the Government do anything for the people unless they are forced to.

  3. Mark H says:

    makes me wonder why we even have an FTC or monopoly laws….

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  5. Gene G says:

    Well, It’s always been a joy to deal with the ineptitude of Safelite Solutions. It was always so much easier to deal with, Lynx, Harmon and Strategic. More joy coming our way now that Harmon and Strategic are now under the thoroughly well managed and trained staff of Safelite. The daily struggle, fighting this inept monopoly is getting wearisome.

  6. Michelle says:

    I too wonder why the government has never stepped in to call ‘monopoly’. You see a lot of talk of support for small business, but please tell me how this is at all beneficial for us??? Having dealt with Safelite’s “monopoly” for many years now, it’s a fight us small business owners can’t win unless you have “deep pockets” to do so. For example, we’ve tried to fight Safelite’s billing service for short pays and it’s been a fight lost because we don’t have the financial means to stand against them.
    Please government step in…. before we (small business’s) are all strangled out of the auto glass business.

  7. Timothy Machado says:

    Safelite is an admired brand. We look to service our customers and be a people powered company. There is no monopoly we are creating career opportunities and job security for many people and that should be respected and commended. Everyone whether you have glass experience or not is welcome to come work with our Safelite family and be part of the best place to work!!

    • Thomas says:

      Timothy — we get that you’re a company man and we can appreciate that you’re happy with your job and your employer… but know your audience, man.

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  9. Paul Eide says:

    This is crazy every time a company get’s big safelite buys them and makes it harder and harder to make it. Our government needs to do something about this or the so called American dream will be dead.

  10. Keith S says:

    As a small business owner, I just about give up. Between the constant Safelite “takeover” of insurance companies and glass companies and the ever rising costs of glass (“due to increasing glass prices”) it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  11. A good portion of my chip repair business comes to me via Strategic. Now its going to be steered to Safelite….even though its completely illegal and unethical!

  12. ROBERT QUERY says:

    Just checked a windshield replacement for my ’01 Chrysler Minivan. Safelite $350 + tax. Local company $220 + tax, plus they are coming to me. Used to like Technaglass, never liked Safelite. Oh Well.

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