Alleged Faulty Headlights Spark Lawsuit

Jason Truesdell filed a complaint against General Motors LLC (GM) alleging there is a defect in certain 2010-2015 Cadillac SRX vehicle headlights.

Truesdell, according to court documents, brought the class action to the court both for individual reasons and to represent similarly situated individuals, of which his complaint referred to as class members, who purchased or leased a 2010-2015 Cadillac SRX, designed, manufactured, marketed, distributed, sold, warranted, and serviced by GM.

“This case arises out of a defect in the class vehicles’ headlights that causes the headlights to unexpectedly and prematurely wear-out and fail. As a result of the defect the headlights emit little to no light, such that the class vehicles cannot safely be driven at night or in other conditions that require the use of the headlights,” a portion of the complaint reads.

Truesdell also claimed GM was aware that the seals that it used in the affected vehicles headlights’ exterior housing units wear out or deteriorate. The complaint outlines the issues surrounding improper sealing materials, as it “allows moisture to accumulate and condense from the air that flows through the vehicle’s vents.”

“The housing units’ vents are also defective in that they further compromise the flow and exchange of air through the improperly sealed headlights. The pooling condensation causes the headlights to malfunction and/or the bulbs to fail, by corroding lamp assembly components like the igniter and/or causing electrical shorts, among other problems,” a portion of the compliant reads.

Truesdell sites a visibility issue along with safety hazards for both drivers and pedestrians due to the reduced light emitted from the headlights. He mentioned the reduced visibility “can contribute to dangerous traffic conditions, including serious accidents.” The complaint stated GM was aware of the alleged defect on its visibility issue, in addition to the possibility of the condensation creating electrical short circuits.

“GM has been aware of the headlight defect in the class vehicles since at least 2010, as shown by Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) that it issued and customer complaints regarding the headlight defect,” a portion of the complaint reads.

According to court documents, GM sent TSB to Cadillac dealers informing technicians what to do if customers complained about the headlights. Although GM created a customer service program for its SRX drivers, Truesdell claims the dealer repairs were useless because defective parts were replaced with the same defective parts.

“Affected owners or lessees incur out-of-pocket costs for these repairs because GM refuses to extend the warranty to cover them or issue a recall to prevent them. GM thus unfairly shifts the costs to the class members, and benefits from the revenue generated by repeat repairs. Consumers will be required to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair or replace the headlights and related components as a result of the defect,” a portion of the complaint reads.

GM did not respond to glassBYTEs about the lawsuit as of press time. Look to future reports for more updates on this case as they become available.

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12 Responses to Alleged Faulty Headlights Spark Lawsuit

  1. MARK H INGER says:

    I personally called GM and they pretty much told me that they will do nothing about my 2013 Cadillac SRX headlights. My wife wrecked the car last year in our neighborhood with the low beams on. We had no choice to drive with high beams even though it blinded on coming traffic. Last week I replaced them and they work fine now but still concerned because the replacement headlights could potentially fail as well. A recall should have been done a long time ago but sadly big corporate giants like GM will not own up to the defective headlights

  2. Ellen McAllister says:

    Yes! This should have been a recall. Cadillac needs to FIX this problem. I can’t drive my car at night because the headlights are so dim and there is so much condensation within the headlight housing. GM should be ashamed for not making this right. If not fixed free of charge, I will never purchase another GM vehicle again and will advise any of my friends to do the same.

  3. I’m a owner of a 2010 Cadillac srx awd 3.0
    I’ve owned the car for 3 years and the last two I cant drive during rain, fog, snow, or in the dark. So much condensation water in the headlights. We had about 3 inch of rain swishing around in one of the headlights. Gm need to fix this problem. I cant even find used headlights to purchase at this moment.

  4. Nancy J Card says:

    Purchased a 2013 Cadillac SRX new in 2013 – Car now has 44,000 miles – I have to drive after dark , in the 6 months that it gets dark earlier, as my work requires sales appointments in homes to meet with both husband & wife to close the sale on custom window coverings, etc.
    I also now have to leave my office earlier to get home before dark as headlights do not work – [condensation in headlights] Dealer said they will fix for $1,500.00 – but will not warranty the repair as they have to use the old parts – Internet states the 2nd fix could be $1,500.00 – $6,000.00] I was going to buy new Cadillac this month before Jan. 2020 – but cannot get anywhere close to a decent trade in due to this problem. This is really hurting my ability to earn a living. I read (on Internet) that a class action law suit against Cadillac was settled in Florida & Calif. concerning this same problem – but those are the only 2 states (I am in Tennessee) Does anyone have any ideas of what to do? I will never purchase any GM product again!!! and will certainly tell all people I know about this – It is hard to understand why Cadillac does not step up and cover this expense at the dealers rather than not give a damn if people are killed. Cadillac evidently also has a SWAMP that needs to be drained!!!

  5. William D Hawley says:

    I have a 2010 srx a 2013 srx also a 2015 srx love all the cars except for the low beam headlights we have to use high beam most of the time this is very dangerous. The problem with the low beam light is the magnifying glass in the center of the light gets unclear this keeps light from being bright like it was when it was new . This will cause deadly accidents .I hope GM stands up and gives a recall on this problem.

  6. Edward C Smith says:

    How can ANYONE not understand the seriousness of this malicious defect. The CEO’s, Management, and even the employees including those of GM Dealerships should in no way lower their standards either professionally or personally by allowing the potential deadly consequences that could and ultimately will result from these low beam defects. That said, if they knew the next casualty of their irresponsibility was of their own families would that even make a difference to their value of the all mighty dollar. Sounds to me like several of these decision makers need to park themselves in the front row of next Sunday’s Services and study the Book of Jobe vs. their profit and loss statements. And by the way I, as well am the owner of the “Worlds Finest” automobiles (once upon a time) a 2010 SRX, and a long family history of buying GM. That has come to its end. If you ever needed proof that the $1 is the root of all evils, well here you have it. God Bless You All, especially you GM.

  7. Gwendolyn Lundy says:

    Same problem with a 2015 SRX. My local news station ran a segment regarding the problem. Within the segment, they reported GM said a letter is being sent out by the end of February informing owners of being able to file a claim for reimbursement of monies paid to fix the problem. I called my local Cadillac dealership and they were unaware of the forthcoming letter.

    • Mrs. Lundy

      I work with Front Rowe Automotive, we specialize in Headlight and Tail light repairs for the major manufacturers. One of our service areas is the Greater Charlotte, NC area, there was a news report ran on Monday the 17th about this issue. I’m not sure if this is the same report you are speaking of, I did hear the report say that there was a letter going to be mailed about the issue in February. I called Cadillac Corporate Warranty department this morning and they were not aware of a letter pending to be sent out. They did speak of a letter this time last year that was sent out and it had a June 2, 2019 end date on it for reimbursement for getting your headlights repaired. My hope is that they will issue another letter but to the vehicle owners in your area.
      Our company offers repairs for water problems inside of headlights, it would be great if the customers we service could take their receipt to GM for reimbursement of this large spread problem. In the mean time we have been doing repairs to these lights to lessen the price of a full replacement whenever possible.
      If we can be of any assistance to you with more info, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-347-0409 ext. 700

      Front Rowe Automotive Team

  8. Whitney Burnett says:

    I live in Houston TX where rain can be persistent. I noticed a water slushing sound while I was pulling out of the drive way in my 2015 SRX and thought it was a jug of water in the trunk. Fast forward to a couple weeks later when I’m driving my sick baby to the doctor during a rain storm and all of the electric parts in my car start flashing, lights going on and off and air bag signal flashing. When I took it to the dealership they couldn’t find an issue and charged me to fix something. Get back to my house and the trunk won’t even open. The people at this dealership were nightmares to deal with. Finally, after two visits they figured out that there was water all inside the undercarriage of my car. I fought with GM for weeks, back and forth and they did nothing to help. This was the 3rd Cadillac that my family bought and paid cash for. It had 30k miles and I had to sell it for a ridiculously low price. The car was ruined. The car had been taking in water from the headlights and sunroof. I left a voicemail with GM, In regards to the letter I received this week, but I’m so furious with the way I was treated for moths when they clearly knew this was an on going issue.

  9. Martin O. Mendoza says:

    M.O. Mendoza this is the very same problem of condensation/moisture in headlights on my 50000 dollar 2013 Cadillac CTS Coupe premium AWD 3.6 I called GM and let them know that this same issue has happened to my CTS Coupe. Its my Sunday driver out on the town kittycat with only 31000 miles on it. I informed GM and they scheduled me an appointment to diagnosis the headlight problem. So they came to the same conclusion of condensation/moisture in both headlights drivers side light out. I asked for them to reach out to GM to resolve this in an amicable manner and to stand by there Product and give me the same consideration they gave the SRX owners that were the originators of law suit with this headlight problem. Cadillac customer service #1800-333-4223

  10. Jason clagg says:

    My 2015 Cadillac srx has the same issue.

    Cadillac would not pay for the repair.
    We drive in the dark with no vision now every night unless the high beams are on and oncoming traffic is blinded by the Light.

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