Boyd Group Services Inc. Appoints President and CEO

Boyd Group Services Inc. has appointed Tim O’Day as president and CEO of Boyd Group Services Inc., which is part of a previously announced CEO succession plan. As a result, Brock Bulbuck moved into the role of executive chair.

“Tim has played a key role in the Boyd Group’s growth and success since joining us in 2004 and is well positioned to become the CEO, which will see him guide the company through its next phase of growth and development,” said Al Davis, Boyd’s independent chair of the board. “Additionally, we look forward to Brock moving into the executive chair role to support Tim and provide for a seamless transition.”

O’Day joined Gerber Collision & Glass in February 1998 and, with Boyd Group’s acquisition of Gerber in 2004, he was appointed chief operating officer for Boyd’s U.S operations. In 2008, he was appointed president and COO for U.S. operations. In 2017, he was appointed president and COO, with company-wide operating oversight, responsibility and influence. Before joining Gerber, he was with Midas International, where he was elevated to vice president, Western division, and responsible for a territory that encompassed 500 Midas locations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and accounting from Michigan State University.

“I am very pleased and excited to be taking on this role,” said O’Day. “Our opportunities at Boyd continue to be tremendous, and I look forward to leading the company with Brock’s continuing support.”

Boyd Group Services Inc. is a Canadian corporation and controls The Boyd Group Inc. and its subsidiaries.

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