Ford Customer Reports Windshield Sealing Issues

A 2015 Ford Transit owner noticed a gap had formed between her windshield and the vehicle’s frame and made an appointment at Pace Glass, located in Texerkana, Texas. Pace not only fixed the issue, but also reported it to Ford Motor Company (Ford), as it was the second time the shop noticed sealing issues with that vehicle model.

“The customer told us that she can push on it and it could move, so we scheduled an appointment for her to come in,” said Jeff Reddell, Pace Glass partner, “When she came in you could push on the entire upper section [of the glass] and you could see the windshield wasn’t connected to the vehicle body anymore. I felt that is a safety and primer issue for sure,” Reddell said.

After noticing the issue Reddell reached out to his local Ford dealership that he previously worked with and learned the vehicle was past its warranty coverage.

“The reason this caused alarm is because we had another one with the same issue about a year ago,” Reddell recalled. “We were concerned that this may not be reported by many or by most auto glass replacement shops, so we have reported it to Ford and its case number is CAS25331872.”

The auto maker told glassBYTEs it is aware of the issue and is working to gather more information to find the cause.

“Our customer service team will look into this inquiry and work with the customer and their dealer to determine the cause of the issue and assess how to move forward with repairs,” a Ford spokesperson said.

“The reason why these things are so important to me is because years ago, I had a cousin who died from being ejected from a vehicle’s windshield because of a poor installation. That was before I really got into the auto glass business, at the time I was just doing repairs here and there and things like that stay with you,” Reddell shared.

Currently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not have a recall in place for this issue. However there are several other reported recalls on this make and model that include: structural, visibility, suspension and engine issues.

Has your shop noticed this issue with the 2015 Ford Transit?

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1 Response to Ford Customer Reports Windshield Sealing Issues

  1. Jordan Craig says:

    I’m having this issue right now with my 2016 Transit Connect XLT.

    It started with loud clunks when going over bumps, and now I can physical push out on the windshield, with about a 1/2” gap and water ingress occurring.

    What’s up with that Ford?!!

    Thank you Glassbytes for making a note of the issue.

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