Novus Glass Shares Update on Franchisees After Cyber Attack on Payroll

Last fall glassBYTEs reported on a cyber incident that disrupted payroll for certain Novus Glass (Novus) franchisees. Several things have changed since Novus initially responded to the incident, and glassBYTEs reached out to the auto glass company for an update.

“Our affected franchisees have transitioned to Gusto, our new payroll partner for the Novus Glass network in the U.S.,” said Levi Nellen, Novus Glass training and development coordinator.

According to Nellen, the company was in awe of the attack and chose to react quickly for three of its affected franchisees.

“It was quite a shock when we realized what had happened, but thanks to Gusto we were able to ensure affected NOVUS Glass staff were able to continue to get paid on time,” said Nellen.

According to Ted Andersen, Novus North America vice president of operations, the auto glass company has worked to finalize an agreement with a new payroll provider since fall 2019.

“Three [franchisees] were affected by this. They need to get payroll services back and going. That’s why everybody took it seriously—very seriously,” Andersen said.

“The transition process was quick after we decided to partner with Gusto. Franchisees were able to get set up within a week and did not miss any payroll periods,” Nellen said.

Currently Novus is using Gusto for all affected franchisees.

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