Consumer Reports Investigates Vehicles with Advanced Safety Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming the norm when it comes to new automotive options for consumers, as safety has become a mainstream factor. Consumer Reports (CR) magazine recently shed light on this topic by publishing a list of safety systems that may assist drivers in avoiding accidents. Those same factors could, in theory, help them to also avoid automotive repair and replacement services.

According to CR, manufacturers are building cars with systems that can avoid or mitigate a crash in a range of situations, such as closing in on another car too quickly, changing lanes into an unseen car in a blind spot, or simply backing out into a busy parking lot.

The following, according to CR’s findings, are safety systems consumers should be aware of:

  • Forward collision warning – which detects impending collisions while traveling forward and alerts the driver;
  • Automatic emergency braking – which detects potential collisions while traveling forward, provides forward collision warning and automatically applies the brakes to avoid or lessen the severity of impact;
  • City automatic emergency braking – the brakes are automatically applied to prevent a collision or to reduce collision severity when traveling at city speeds;
  • High-speed automatic emergency braking – brakes are automatically applied to reduce collision severity when traveling at highway speeds;
  • Pedestrian detection – a system that is able to detect pedestrians, then issue warnings and trigger automatic emergency braking, if necessary; and
  • Blind spot warning – detects vehicles to rear in adjacent lanes while driving and alerts the driver to their presence.

To view the complete listing, click here.

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1 Response to Consumer Reports Investigates Vehicles with Advanced Safety Systems

  1. Trevor W. Frith says:

    Or we could force the ‘Real men brake with their right foot’ boys to stop teaching the ‘Killer’ right foot braking method on automatic and electric vehicles. It will be directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of 19 pedestrians and cyclists every day and nobody in charge seems to care. If there was the remotest possibility that the scientific study comparing this braking method with the safer, simpler to learn and age retain, Left Foot Braking Method, why do they continue to oppose it? WHY? Note just trying to use the left foot to brake is NOT, repeat NOT the Left Foot Braking Method.

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