Arizona House Bill Held in Committee

An Arizona bill impacting assignment of benefits (AOB) was held in committee during a House meeting at the end of February 2020. The bill, also known as HB 2441, aims to alter the way auto glass shop owners obtain AOB from insureds.

The Arizona Auto Glass Association (AAGA) recently sent out a notice informing auto glass shop owners in the state about the legislative update. The notice also referenced HB2441 as a “striker bill,” the association further explained the possible implications.

“A ‘strike everything after the enacting clause’ amendment (also referred to as a ‘strike everything’ amendment or simply a ‘striker’) proposes to delete the entire text of the existing bill and substitute new language, essentially making it a completely different bill, possibly on an entirely different subject,” a portion of the AAGA notice reads. “These amendments are sometimes used to allow legislators to circumvent the deadlines on introduction of new legislation, deal with an issue that arises after the deadline or revive a bill that has previously been defeated.”

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