GM Class Action Lawsuit Gets Pulled From the Courtroom

Jason Truesdell turned the lights off on his class action lawsuit against General Motors LLC (GM) by volunteering to dismiss it. Truesdell filed a complaint against the auto manufacturer alleging a defect in certain 2010-2015 Cadillac SRX vehicle headlights.

The voluntary dismissal officially ends the class action lawsuit. Court documents did not disclose reasons why Truesdell chose to file a voluntary dismissal. Truesdell claimed GM was aware of its alleged headlight defect in, what court documents referred to as, the class vehicles. According to the complaint, the vehicle manufacturer’s headlights would unexpectedly and prematurely wear-out and fail as a result of a sealing issue.

“As a result of the defect the headlights emit little to no light, such that the class vehicles cannot safely be driven at night or in other conditions that require the use of the headlights,” a portion of the complaint reads.

Truesdell also highlighted a possible visibility issue as a result of the alleged defected headlights, which “can contribute to dangerous traffic conditions, including serious accidents.”

“GM has been aware of the headlight defect in the class vehicles since at least 2010, as shown by Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) that it issued and customer complaints regarding the headlight defect,” according to the complaint.

Currently this class action lawsuit has ended following the voluntary dismissal.

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20 Responses to GM Class Action Lawsuit Gets Pulled From the Courtroom

  1. George Rudge says:

    I also have the same condition in our Cadillac SRX 2016, When we took the car in for servicing GM told us the cost was over $400.00 and that they could not do anything for us because it was under litigation. The was September 23, 2020.
    I feel strongly this is a safety issue and a defect in the headlight. Not something that was do to our using the vehicle.

    • Robin L Cooper says:

      I have the exact same problem with mine…I think we need to reopen this class action law suit or start another one. I know this is well know problem that Cadillac is skirting. My dealership told me that it’s 1400.00+ to replace mine and aftermarket is 1200.00+
      I have almost wrecked three times driving at night because I simply cannot see.

  2. Chris Ward says:

    This is a huge safety issue…..I. too have this dim headlight problem. It led to a close call between my vehicle and a transport truck. I’m surprised that there are not more reports of accidents, deaths, or close calls as a result of this mistake made by GM in their products’ headlight construction. I am looking for a law office to take this on-before the injuries and or deaths are reported.

    • Althea Barnes says:

      Hi Chris I have the same problem took mines into the dealership to day $1800 to repair and was told the class action lawsuit ended last year . Really

  3. Kimberly Greene says:

    I had GM reimburse me for one headlamp. Tried to get the other one done and was told it expired July 2020. I couldn’t get there during COVID and now I have to incur the cost of 1600.00 for one headlamp again. I contacted GM to see if they will make an exception as both headlamps should have been done in 2018 but I could only afford the one that was not working. They will call me back within 2 business days. Will see what happens. Fingers crossed.

    • Esther says:

      Kimberly. Did you get any help from GM. I just took my car in and need new headlights due to this same issue.

  4. Samantha Norman says:

    So, let’s all file a new class action lawsuit. Why not? I honestly feel ripped off. This is by far the worst vehicle I’ve ever owned. I will never buy a gm product again and best be sure I will pass the word on about how terrible my experience has been with them.

  5. James Jay says:

    I have the same head lamp problem with my 2016 SRX and took it into the dealership this week. $1,850 to repair and I was told. They also told me there was a class action lawsuit last year re: the headlamps. I then called GM and relayed to them that I had not received any notice of the action. They asked for my VIN. Checking it, they told me my name was not matched with that VIN. What! They referred me to a local dealer (mine choice for the past 3 yrs in fact). The dealer has been using my cars VIN on all my invoices for 3 years. My dealer threw it back to GM saying they could only help me by me paying the apprx. $1,850. I called my GM contact and passed on what the dealer told me. I am waiting for their reply.
    I’m trying to find out why my dealer never mentioned the litigation to me in 2020 either in person or on my invoices?

  6. Marilyn Snider says:

    I have the headlight issue. I certainly wish we could all open this case. I would like to get mine fixed. It is very dangerous as we do not have enough light unless we use bright lights. Bright lights are dangerous too but only way I can drive. I have talked to a woman from GM and she has been extremely rude to me. I think we may have to get an attorney. There is nothing right about this. Our vehicles are expensive. GM need to send letters to the ones who have this problem. This needs to be done soon. Lots of people have this problem. Lots of customers are in the same situation. We have always been a Cadillac family but that is about to change.

  7. G Michael Humes says:

    This is ridiculous that that you purchase a vehicle like a Cadillac and they can not resolve a manufacturing defect that is dangerous because you can not see with the low beams.

  8. Beth Davis says:

    I’m having the same problem with my 2014 SRX and was told by the local dealership that the class action lawsuit ended last year. This is a serious safety hazard. I cannot safely drive at night. It makes no sense to me that more is not being done to help the remaining owners having headlight issues.

  9. Mary says:

    I just brought my 2015 Cadillac SRX 4 Luxury, August 2021, I should’ve tested driven this lemon at night, I’m Type 2, with so, so, vision at times, last week I almost hit a deer, I was saved by the senor that alerts with a obstacle is to close, I replaced the Halogen bulbs with LED bulbs, the high beams are fantastic, but the low beams, 1st try was a bomb 60 W, so I ordered, 120 W, I will install them when the inclement weather clears. After this upgrade, I have no other choice but to find another vehicle or join in and start a new Class Action Suit, count me in guys.

  10. Mio Renae says:

    I think we need to reopen the case as well, because I wasn’t properly notified, that the dealership was replacing this at 100%, up until June 2021. Now we are supposed to pay for this ourselves, and I was told by a GM representative, that the most I’d get back is $85.00, on a $1,600.00 repair.

  11. Marie E. Ball says:

    I have been trying to get my lights replaced since 2019 to no avail.. I’m out of the blue last month I thought I would call GM and found out that in March 2021 GM sent notice to their dealerships they were extending the time and their involvement for replacement to 12/31/21 cost was now $500.00 however, if the owner isn’t notified, HOW DO YOU KNOW..this is truly a disgrace for a high profile business/manufacturer not to stand behind their product, especially knowing defects exist and the threat of accident/possible death are a possibility when you can’t drive after 5 PM.. and GM remains silent..I have NEVER owned a vehicle that has had so many recalls and failures..GM needs to re-evaluate their priorities.. money is great but NOT at the expense of a customer..when your at the top the next move is guess, last years lawsuit regarding the lights and the customer withdrawing his suit … GM paid him well!!!!!

  12. Ty williams says:

    I only had my vehicle for 1 year and Now I’m having the same problem as everyone and I took to the dealership they told me it’ll be like almost $3-$4 thousand to repair the whole panel

  13. Ty says:

    Having the same issues as everyone else and only had my 2014 Cadillac for 1 year. Took to dealership and they said it’ll be $3-4 thousand to fix the whole panel

  14. John Hendricks says:

    I am having same problem with headlights can’t drive at night went to the dealer on sat. they told it will be $2000 plus tax I can’t afford that I am against the wall.

  15. Derrick Parker says:

    I bought and replace the fixtures in my 2014 for less than 350 dollars total. It took two of us about two hours to make the swap. The change is remarkable, I now have led running lights which were not in the original fixtures and I can see “for miles” with my low beams now.

  16. Carl Rath says:

    We’re original owners of a 2010 SRX with the same issue. Received a letter from GM (in the middle of Covid) and was unable to take action on it. I contacted my dealership and was told “if I purchased the headlights…they would install them”. Typical GM/dealerships….buy a car…. won’t fix defective parts….expects you to pay for repairs. This was in the middle of Covid….so, didn’t get the headlights replaced. Working on that now. Grandson will get the car and can’t have a teen driving the car with these headlights!!

    Anyone else have an issue with the interior overhead sunroof cover coming off??? This is the material as the rest of the overhead.

  17. Richard Sullivan says:

    I have the same issue with my 2015 SRX and am having the headlamps replaced in order to see safely while driving at night//$2200.00

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