Safelite Solutions Implements Fast Track

Safelite Solutions (Safelite) issued a notice to its members about its new Fast Track invoice option. According to the company, its Fast Track option is a billing tool that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and must be used for businesses submitting invoices and approval requests or there will be a delay of service.

“The COVID-19 situation is impacting businesses worldwide, and we are making adjustments like all businesses to protect our staff, clients and our business. At Safelite Solutions the imminent concern requires that we focus on prioritizing the handling of invoices via touchless automated process,” a portion of the notice reads.

Previously the company provided limited access to its free online invoicing tool. Now, effective immediately, shops can bill online through their account using the Fast Track feature.

“We’ve added AI to our billing tool, should it detect that you’re having a problem it will offer a manual invoicing mode. The mode allows you to bill the invoice as-is so you can keep going,” a portion of the notice reads.

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