Switchable Light Control Glass Selected for Certain Lexus Models

Nippon Sheet Glass Group (NSG) announced that its UMU smart window was selected for Lexus LM, a luxury chauffeured car, which launched in China and South East Asia in late February.

The UMU smart window is a switchable light control glass that enables the user to change the visibility of glass instantly at the flick of a switch, according to the company. Lexus LM is the first mass-production car model in Japan to install the smart windows in its interior.

The smart windows are laminated and have a liquid crystal sheet located in between two sheets of glass. Normally, liquid crystal molecules of the sheet are randomly aligned to disperse light to create a “translucent” appearance, according to the company’s release. The company notes the liquid crystal molecules are aligned into a specific direction to permit light to pass through and the glass becomes “transparent,” making it possible for the user to change the visibility of glass instantly at the flick of a switch when voltage is applied.

“Because the interlayer of UMU smart window firmly glues together two sheets of glass with strong adhesive, it is resistant to impacts and even if it breaks, there is no danger of glass fragments to scatter,” a portion of the company’s release reads. “UMU smart window (light control glass) is used for a partition inside Lexus LM to help create an opulent and quiet space for the passenger privacy.”

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