Increases For Miles Driven in Every Region in Latest Miles Driven Report

All road and street travel in the U.S. increased by 2.1%, or 5.3 billion vehicle miles, for January 2020, compared to January 2019, according to the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHA) most recent numbers. This is before the COVID crisis hit in March, and those effects won’t likely be seen until the March report becomes available.

Month-over-month miles driven went up by 0.3% when compared to December 2019.

Overall travel for the month is estimated to be 253.7 billion vehicle miles. Cumulative travel for the year went up by 2.1%, or 5.3 billion vehicle miles, to an estimated 253.7 billion vehicle miles of travel.

On a year-over-year basis, all of the regions saw an increase in its miles driven. The North-Central region had the largest increase, as its percentage went up by 3.8%. The Northeast region had the next highest percentage increase in its miles driven, as it went up by 3.5%. The South-Atlantic saw an increase of 1.6% when compared to the same time period last year. The South-Gulf and the West improved by the same amount of 1.1%.

The chart below was provided by the FHA and features year-over-year figures in billions:

Region 2020 Total Travel in Billions Percentage Change from 2019
Northeast 33.2 3.5
South-Atlantic 59.1 1.6
North-Central 55.7 3.8
South-Gulf 52.7 1.1
West 53.0 1.1

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