Auto Glass Replacement Businesses Donate PPE Supplies

The PipeKnife Company (PipeKnife) teamed up with Clean Plus Inc. (Clean Plus) to make a donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Loveland, Colo. police department. The two companies also donated sanitizer, sprayers and nitrile gloves.

The donation, which took place last week, started when Dell Skluzak, PipeKnife president and founder, learned his step-daughter’s police department was having trouble finding approved sanitizers, gloves and masks for its officers.

“I recently started working with Matt Coy, president of Clean Plus, where he converted a production line from the industrial hand wipes they produced to making hand and surface sanitizer and had purchased some for my distributors,” said Skluzak. “I contacted him and asked if he could accelerate a small order to ship to me in order to help the Loveland police department.”

Although Skluzak was eager to help the police department, he noted concern after he learned about some of the department’s requirements. If the officers have to take someone to the hospital, for example, they require everything be sanitized with products of a certain alcohol percentage, which was just impossible to get. But help came quickly.

Skluzak says Coy not only accelerated the shipment, but he also donated and shipped the product immediately at no cost.

“Converting our process to make sanitizer was a challenge along with getting the appropriate FDA approvals, developing the SDS sheets, finding the correct bottles, packaging materials and raw materials all took time and the demand for the product was incredible,” said Coy. “Our customer base of auto glass replacement technicians need these products to work safely and they were very difficult to source. When Dell contacted me it was an automatic ‘yes’ to support and I was glad our team at Clean Plus could help.”

Both gentlemen say the donation included gallons of hand and surface sanitizers, spray bottles, nozzles, and various sizes of black and orange lightning nitrile gloves. The Loveland police department accepted the donations and were thankful to have received them. Skluzak was able to purchase 100 additional N95 masks which he expects to donate. “I’m getting more sanitizer and I have gloves so when they run out and they need more we will give more,” he added.

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