Ford Offers Self-Driving Data to Spark Research and Development

Ford is releasing a comprehensive self-driving vehicle dataset to the academic and research community.

The company is releasing data from multiple self-driving research vehicles collected over a span of one year. This dataset includes not only LiDAR and camera sensor data, GPS and trajectory information, but also multi-vehicle data and 3D point cloud and ground reflectivity maps.

There are a number of reasons why these data points are noteworthy to researchers.

Most datasets only offer data from a single vehicle, but sensor information from two vehicles can help researchers explore entirely new scenarios, especially when the two encounter each other at different points along their respective routes.

According to Ford, the point of this effort is to not only improve the way self-driving vehicles navigate their environment and interact with personal cars, pedestrians and other self-driving vehicles, but also to support the next generation of engineers.

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