Boyd Group Services Inc. Announces Directors Election

Boyd Group Services Inc. (the Boyd Group) announced that the nominees listed in the management proxy circular dated May 25, 2020 were elected as Boyd Group directors. The results, according to the company are as follows:

Nominee Votes For % For Votes Withheld % Withheld
Dave Brown 12,746,835 96.92% 404,913 3.08%
Brock Bulbuck 12,743,603 96.90% 408,145 3.10%
Allan Davis 12,414,666 94.40% 737,082 5.60%
Robert Gross 12,839,873 97.63% 311,875 2.37%
John Hartmann 13,148,753 99.98% 2,995 0.02%
Violet (Vi) A.M. Konkle 13,036,351 99.12% 115,397 0.88%
Timothy O’Day 13,149,657 99.98% 2,091 0.02%
William Onuwa 13,148,245 99.97% 3,503 0.03%
Sally Savoia 12,464,720 94.78% 687,028 5.22%

The company also announced the recent election of John Hartmann and William Onuwa to its board of directors.

Hartmann was recently appointed to chief operating officer of Bed Bath and Beyond, after having previously being the CEO of True Value Company. Dr. Onuwa, holds a Doctorate degree in Business Management, is currently the chief audit executive at Royal Bank of Canada, after previously being the senior vice president and chief risk officer, wealth management at RBC Georgia and Insurance Group Canada.

“The Board has an ongoing commitment to renewal and to ensuring the Board has the necessary skills and expertise to support the growth of Boyd’s business. We look forward to welcoming and working with our two new Board members, John Hartmann and William Onuwa,” said Allan Davis, the borad of director’s independent chair.

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