Class Action Complaint Filed Against Land Rover For Alleged Windshield Leaking Issue

TH Chiro, PLLC has become the lead plaintiff in a class action complaint, filed in Tennessee, against Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC (JLRNA). In the class action complaint, Chiro alleges the auto manufacturer is responsible for windshield leaks that cause internal damage to select vehicle models. He is seeking financial reimbursements for damages.

According to the class action complaint, Land Rover Discovery windshields leak and have caused dashboard computer system failures due to excess water damage. The class action complaint stated 2013 to 2020 Land Rover Discovery SUVs were impacted. Chiro alleges he lost all dashboard controls, signals, messaging and instrumentation after water leaked into the computer system from his vehicle’s windshield. “This created dangerous driving conditions, a problem allegedly common in 2017 Discovery SUVs,” said Chiro.

After water allegedly leaked into the SUV from the windshield. Chiro took his vehicle to the dealership for repairs and was allegedly told windshield leaks were a common problem from JLRNA, according to the class action complaint. Chiro claims his SUV was at the dealership for two months before he was notified to pick up the vehicle. According to the class action complaint, Chiro’s Discovery had a moldy odor, oh which he stated was from the dealership allegedly leaving the vehicle “closed up, wet and un cleaned for two months.” The complaint alleges JLRNA would not resolve the leaking windshield issues Chiro experienced.

“Land Rover allegedly knew about the windshield problem with its Discovery models but actively concealed the windshield leak defect,” a portion of the class action complaint reads.

The class action complaint states Land Rover should reimburse customers the purchase price of its Discovery “if the SUV sustained serious damage from a leaking windshield.” According to Chiro, the 2017 Discovery SUVs should be recalled because of its windshield leaking issues and should be “properly repaired by the automaker” as well as an extend windshield warranty for impacted vehicles.

Due to the allegations mentioned in Chiro’s class action complaint, he is seeking a trial by jury as well as financial reimbursements. As of press time the defendant have not responded to glassBYTEs’ request for comment on the complaint. Look to a future edition of glassBYTEs for more information on this suit.

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21 Responses to Class Action Complaint Filed Against Land Rover For Alleged Windshield Leaking Issue

  1. Ashley says:

    2016 landrover discover leaky windshield lights are out

  2. S says:

    My 2017 Discovery leaked from the windshield. I now have gearbox failure and waiting for the dealership to tell me the next move. I will not wait 2 months. I will be provided weekly updates. I will not be charged for a defected design. Who or how do I go about contributing my complaint to a factory recall?

    • Tisha Nesbitt says:

      Same deal with my vehicle. New windshield was on backorder and has been with the dealership for a couple weeks now for repairs. It’s been repaired but now waiting for new carpet to be replaced because of the water damage. If I’m being honest I don’t want the car back with all these issue. If I can contribute to this please let me know how.

      • Matt says:

        Same issue with my 2020 Disco exactly. How can I join a class action? So much water leaked in that there was standing water in the car. I moved and the new dealership refuses to put me in their system and says the windshield are back-ordered. Meanwhile, my car is still wet and stinky inside (going on 6 weeks now). center electronics are off and on shorting out. The dealership won’t get me a loaner either – this is my family’s only car. The dealership today told me to “total it” with my insurance carrier. Corporate gave me a case number and they just completely ignore all communications.

  3. Anthony Migliore says:

    My 2019 discovery Si6 started to leak from the windshield in late November. Called to schedule and they were 1 month out. After explaining the urgency of the situation, they found an opening 3 weeks out. I was told this appointment was only to verify the windshield leak and that replacement windshields were on back order.They have no time table for arrival. I have since had to apply a rubber mastic tape at the crease of the upper seam of the windshield. This made the situation more managable. I now have a musty odor in my car and an ugly tape job on my windshield.

  4. Jennifer Spaulding says:

    This will be my second time having this happen to my 2017 discovery

  5. Edgar says:

    This situation on windshield leaking is very nasty and Jaguar Land Rover in the United States need to recover all those that are with Assembling wrong doing overall windshield and replaced immediately without wasting time
    I’m in the same shoes right now and it’s devastating to have a nice brand new car leaking water I do wish to have the Jaguar Land Rover CEO driving one of those leaking water, then they probably understand the urgency to fix immediately the issue, here in Miami is raining daily and have to drive with issue, not when I’m paying to the bank car loan I do feel stupid that is confusing Jaguar Land Rover need to take action according to the issue windshield leaking Land Rover discovery, I’m thinking to give up in returned to the dealer and call the bank to deal with this issue and stop paying the car and take to court Jaguar Land Rover to investigate the manufacture quality control, or Toyota has to teach them high quality control in every process of assembling vehicles ‍♂️

  6. Mike Venter says:

    My Landrover Discovery 2017 has had leaky windshield from day one. Its been back at the dealer multiple times for repairs and every time after repair I was told it would never leak again. This seems to be a known issue and deliberate cover up by Landrover to lie low and not take action.

    This issue has compromised my safety and my family on numerous occasions. I am willing to join any class action lawsuit to resolve this annoying issue.

  7. Jackie says:

    My windshield is leaking on my Discovery 2018. It’s been at the dealer for over three weeks. I went to get some of my belongings out and it smelled musty. I let the service guys know and I documented it. I wondered why it was taking so long now I assume the windshields are on back order.

  8. John W Hey says:

    Same thing. After taking on water my vehicle ‘went dark’ going down the road. The electrical system is now all whacky. The eta for a windshield from the UK has been pushed back twice. I called Jaguar NA and they admitted they have orders from LAST YEAR that are not filled yet. Now my thermostat etc is not working either. I fear I have a lemon Worst vehicle I’ve ever owned. A Land Rover for God’s sake. I tracked down this lawer and his paralegal answered and I got a “we can’t talk about it” so that tells me JNA is negotiating.

  9. Stephen says:

    My 2019 New Discovery had an undetected windshield leak from May 2020 until last week, when after a rainy 3 days, my car footwells and structure underneath the floors filled entirely with water. All the electronics started to fail last weekend. The water was a half inch above the carpets, and at every turn or stop light, an enormous quantity of water could be heard sloshing back and forth under the floors. When I opened each door, about a quarter gallon of water would pour out from the frame. This situation is extremely disconcerting. I am very concerned about all of the electronics and the ability to now repair the damages. It has been at the garage for 3 days now, but they have called to say that it will be a long time to fix everything. The staff at the garage seemed to immediately know that it was related to my windshield.

  10. Kelly Bates says:

    I am in the sam situation with my 2018 Discovery. I have had the windshield replaced once and now it is back in for a second time with the same problem.

  11. nicole Pagonis says:

    My 2018 discovery had smelled funky all January and I couldn’t figure out why
    Then a large storm hit and the entire car was flooded.
    My car has been in the shop for over 5 weeks and I am told I am #384 on the list for repairs. The manager at the dealership literally told me “this has been a known problem for years, I am surprised your took so long to leak”. I am concidering getting an attorney

  12. Adolfo Llamas says:

    Mine leaked and got everything soaked, they are letting it sit smelling horrible for almost 3 weeks before they look at it, even though they had already verified the leak days before it happened.

    Where can I join this class action?

  13. Mrs C says:

    I have a 2017 Discovery 5, with all the bells and whistles, it was $150k. I think it is a lemon. We had the musty smell within the first yr. Turns out the water was leaking through the windshield. Windshield replaced. 2 yrs down the track, and we have one of the worst Storms on the east coast of australia. But still you would think it was water tight. NO..musty smell back, but this time when we open car doors, a river runs out of the car. We were able to drive, with no issue, but the following day the electrics had a fit. Managed to get car started, and drive to Landrover – having said that no computer, no speedometer, no indicators functioning. The car now sits at the service centre, unable to be started. In fact they say it may have to be written off. Where does that leave us??

  14. Jaime Castillo says:

    Same situation with my 2018 Discovery. I dropped the car off for repair on March 8th and after 15 days I’m still waiting. Apparently the new windshield is on backorder. I suspected that something wrong was going on when the immediate suggestion, just after I showed to the service advisor a photo of the soaked passenger side window frame, was that the windshield needed to be replaced . It seems that this is going to take a while since it is a common issue on the Discovery. I will highly appreciate any advise to start a claim or join other owners in a class action. I am not willing to spend my Lease time driving a loaner.

  15. Wilfred Ferguson says:

    Same happened here with the 2017 Range Rover Evoque

  16. Wilfred Ferguson says:

    Same happened here with the 2017 Range Rover Evoque. Leaked onto dashboard and carpet as well as interior overhead. Nothing but problems with this car.

  17. Michelle Jones says:

    I have a 2017 Discovery that the windshield is leaking, getting the inside of the car very wet!! Now the auto lights do not work. Contacted dealership 2 about this issue.

  18. Michael Lambros says:

    I can only reiterate the comments from above, Hunt Valley Land Rover of Baltimore, fixed my leaky Evoque, only to have it begin leaking again later into the covid lock down, so now they say my warranty is up and they want me to pay for the repair. Land Rover USA has a service bulletin N221 on the leak and they still won’t support the repair.

  19. Gretchen Artig says:

    Same deal with my 2017 discovery. Windshield leak, leading to complete computer failure. I want to join this class action suit. I have been waiting for weeks to get my car repaired.

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