Class Action Suits Hits Kia Over Alleged Defective Windshields

Yandery Sanchez has become the lead plaintiff in a class action complaint, filed in Central California, against Kia Motors America Inc. (Kia). Sanchez alleges Kia is responsible for knowingly selling defective windshields. Sanchez states the allegedly defective windshields crack, chip and/or fracture spontaneously.

According to the class action complaint, 2020 Kia Telluride windshields fail “for no reason other than they were defective from the beginning.” Sanchez alleges Kia skipped issuing a recall of its Telluride windshields because of a “goodwill gesture” that implied the auto manufacturer would replace them. The windshields allegedly crack, chip and fracture due to design or manufacturing defects that existed since the Tellurides went on sale, according to the complaint.

Sanchez is seeking the following:

  1. An order certifying the proposed Class;
  2. Money damages in the form of a refund of the full contract price;
  3. Equitable relief including but not limited to, replacement of the class vehicles with new vehicles, or repair of the alleged defective vehicles with an extension of the express warranties and service contracts;
  4. A declaration requiring Kia to comply with the various provisions of the state and federal consumer protection statutes herein alleged and to make all the required disclosures;
  5. Reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs; and
  6. A recall of the alleged defective windshields by Kia.


Sanchez purchased a new 2020 Kia Telluride in November 2019. His windshield cracked in January 2020 and Sanchez claims he didn’t see anything hit his windshield. The crack spread and additional cracks began to appear on the vehicle’s windshield.

“It was not hit by debris from the road. They both start from the edge of the glass and spread across the windshield. I contacted the local dealership and can have it replaced for $800. I think this should be a recall due to it being a widespread issue,” Sanchez said in his class action complaint.

Sanchez stated had he and other class members known about the alleged windshield defect they would not have purchased the Telluride, or they would have paid “substantially less for them.” “Kia knew of and concealed the windshield defect that is contained in every class vehicle,” a portion of the complaint reads.

According to Sanchez, he along with other class members have suffered a loss of money, property, and/or loss in value of their class vehicles and should be compensated.

Kia has yet to respond to the class action complaint or any of its allegations. Look to a future edition of glassBYTEs for more information on this suit.

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38 Responses to Class Action Suits Hits Kia Over Alleged Defective Windshields

  1. JUDY LONG-LEOFO says:

    my 2020 Kia Soul’s windshield just suffered a stress fracture – fine Wednesday night crack line from passenger side frame on Thursday morning. I purchased the car in April 2020. Are there other Kia Souls with the same problem? Are the windshields on Soul & Telluride from the same manufacture and/or are they interchangeable?

    • Derrick says:

      My Kia Sportage windshield just suffered a crack from the bottom near the wipers 6” up
      It happen over night, nothing hit the car or windshield but the streak appear out of no wear.
      The date was November 9th 2020. took to the dealer and said it was not covered and would cost me over $900 to get repaired. Even though
      I paid over $4000 extra in warranties

      • K Drake says:

        This has happened to me twice for no reason, I have a 2020 Kia Sportage. I asked the dealership of there was a recall, and they told me no. My windshield has cracked in 2 places, on 2 different sides of the glass with the crack line coming from under the hood, wiper blade area. I’m considering a lawsuit, because clearly this is a defect. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, and lost time.

      • Robert Weirich says:

        Exactly where my wife’s cracked. Nothing hit it , I’m convinced it happened during very cold snowy evening. Then in the am when the car warmed up , the abrupt temperature change caused the faulty glass/windshield to crack.

        • Thomas Morris says:

          My 2021 Sportage cracked after the cold snap in Houston, Tx. The dealer said it was a rock, but I have never seen a crack develop so fast. It comes up from the hood under the wipers.

    • Jim Dirkes says:

      By 2020 Kia soul GT just had the windshield cracked for no reason at all. I was driving on the road with nobody else on it, and all of a sudden the windshield cracked across the top.

    • Terri says:

      My 2020 Kia Soul has had several dings. ” 4 so far ” that I’ve had to have repaired. Now we have a Crack on the right side and have to have it replaced. I’ve owned several cars including Kias and I’ve had to repair this windshield more than any of my cars combined. I’m thinking there is something wrong with the glass..

    • denise says:

      My 2020 soul that I purchased last March has a 10 inch crack from the passenger edge. Just noticed it today.

  2. Dennis Weir says:

    Drove new Kia Soul home on 12/12/2020 and parked in my garage. Did not use on 12/13. On 12/14 discovered crack in windshield about 1/2 way up and 9″ long on passenger side. Called dealer and took it to them on 12/15. They looked at it and verified that nothing had struck the windshield. They said that they can not replace it under warranty and suggested that I call Kia.
    Reported the problem to KIA on 12/15 and am waiting for a determination.

  3. Mellissa Young Ramirez says:

    My KIA Optima Hybrid Windshield also cracked from driver side and spread across to passenger side. It began one night in 2019-20, I thought someone vandalized it or it was chipped but no signs of a chip & nothing had hit windshield…… $200 to be replaced by a local place, I am glad I did not go to dealership.

  4. Orly Brandes Klein says:

    my kia seltos front glass cracked spontaneiusly two days ago. I’ve had the car for only about a month!

  5. Jeremy says:

    My 2021 telluride windshield just cracked out of nowhere while I was out of town and I had no choice but to replace it asap…

  6. Jeremy young says:

    My 2021 telluride windshield just cracked out of nowhere while I was out of town and I had no choice but to replace it asap…

  7. Claudia Duque says:

    My 2020 Telluride cracked too. Came out one day to see a crack from drivers side across to passenger side. SMH

  8. Twin says:

    My 2020 Telluride windshield cracked. Only had vehicle for a few months. Maybe a pebble hit it but it wasn’t that hard. Now that I’m hearing about all the complaints. Tellurides most definitely have defective windshields and there needs to be a recall ASAP/NOW before someone gets killed or seriously hurt God forbid if it hasn’t happened already. KIA your competing with major competitors. Kia step your game up and do the right thing. RECALL THE WINDSHIELDS!!

  9. Rajeev Kumar says:

    My kia telluride 2021 had these today , cracked it self due to stress while parked in garage. Wth is going on with kia.

  10. Kyle says:

    We just had a crack appear out of nowhere on our 2020 telluride. Wasn’t there one day and then the next it was about 6 inches long then one day later had already grown to over 12 inches.

  11. JC Davis says:

    My 2020 Kia Tellurides first windshield cracked while Just sitting in my driveway after only having it for 3 months. Kia replaced it and now 14 months later, the replacement cracked again while just sitting in my driveway.

  12. S Laauwe says:

    My 2021 Telluride got a chip two weeks ago. . .Safelite supposedly fixed it. Two days later it spread and it has spread more each afternoon in the heat (waiting on new windshield). I fear for July and August when it is 100 degrees. Will now be out of a $500 deductible and have only had the car for a few months. Had my Ford Explorer for 7 years, with not one chip in over 120,000 miles. That windshield even survived a hail storm that caused $6000 in hood and roof damage.

  13. Denise Vollmer says:

    My 2020 Kia soul just cracked from the edge of the passenger window about 10 inch long. I have never had a cracked windshield. I keep my distance from other cars and luckily have never had to replace a windshield in my 40+ yrs driving. But my new soul has gotten 2 rocks chips already which I have paid to have fixed and now out of nowhere I have a huge crack no where near the other 2 rock chips. I was told by the Kia service dept that most car manufacturers are making the windshields half as thick as they used to.

  14. Jo Cichello says:

    My 2021 Kia Seltos developed a crack starting on lower left side of window and extends about 1/3 of the way across now. It wasn’t there in the morning, got back in the car after a couple of hours and crack mysteriously shows up (temp about 75 degrees). My friend also has a 2021 Kia Seltos and hers developed a crack in similar area starting on left edge too. Took to dealership and KIA denied claim. Over $900 to get replaced! NOT HAPPY!

  15. Robert S Kennedy says:

    Ditto on 2020 Telluride cracked windshield. Received a teeny little chip in windshield, hardly bigger than the . in this sentence. By next day was 3-foot long crack running passenger towards driver side. Made the Kia appointment today, took the “Customer Satisfaction Initiative” 11/4/2019 letter with, they took photos and sent in to HQ for “review”, and declined to replace. The Kia Letter literally states that “normally outside influence is not covered but as you are a valued customer, Kia will replace your Telluride’s windshield should you encounter the issue described above”. An “outside influence” is exactly what occurred, a tiny pebble hit that grew within hours into an enormous crack.

  16. I purchased a 2021 Kia Sportage September 2020. On May 24, 2021 I noticed a crack in my windshield. Started middle bottom and went up the windshield 8 inches and 7 inches to the left after 4 days of rain in Lake Houston, Texas. Filed a claim with Kia Consumer Service. 800-333-4542. # 2 then # 5.

  17. Leah Montgomery says:

    I have about 6 cracks on my windshield of my 2020 Kia Telluride. It can’t withstand ANY thing that hits it. If it’s a piece of tiny gravel, it’ll crack it. Why would I spend money if I don’t know they have greatly improved the replacement windshield? It’d just happen again.

  18. T. BROOKS says:

    I have the same issue right now with my 2020 Telluride (purchased November2019)! Got my 1st replacement windshield a few months later. Came out from work to find my windshield cracked all the way across from driver’s side to passenger side. This was replaced by Kia at no cost, since they determined there was a glass issue for Tellurides built before January 2020. I now have a crack in the replacement windshield for no reason. Kia is refusing to cover the cost of this replacement. Said we only get 1 “free” replacement on Kia. How many times is this going to happen in the car’s lifetime? Obviously there is still an issue with the quality of the glass used to make the windshields!

  19. Ed Paugh says:

    I have a 2012 Kia Optima and our windshield cracked for no reason at all , is there a way to contact Kia to get my money back I paid $615 for a new windshield, if anyone knows please let me know Ed Paugh (609)705-1075

  20. Ursula Stone says:

    Our 2021 Kia K5 has the same problem PLUS no replacement windshield is even available. Our windshield cracked on June 6th 2021 and the University Kia in Waco TX has no replacement windshields for a K5 available for now 31 days and counting. They have no loaner car available nor arrangements for a rental car. Corporate is unwilling to assist us. The expediting center in Arizona 520-274-1103 was totally useless and even hostile to be bothered with our dilemma. The replacement window MAY arrive in California on the 10th of July and then transferred to Texas. I give the Kia organizations a 0 rating for their Customer Service Skills. Just disgusted.

  21. Daniel R Daily says:

    My 2021 Sorento hybrid just had a windshield Crack for no reason.they want 1300 to replace it but don’t have one.what do I do?

  22. Tim Ford says:

    My daughters 2020 Kia Sportage windshield just spontaneously cracked for the 2nd time in less than three months from the passenger side under the wiper in a y type pattern all the way across to the driver side. I’m convinced both windshields are defective and my concern is the safety of my daughter traveling five hours away to her college. Apparently the windshields are national back order. It’s costing me time, money amd aggravation just trying to get it replaced.

  23. Charles in Austin says:

    Our 2021 Seltos started cracking from the driver’s side frame earlier this week. 3 days later the crack is almost to the middle of the windshield.

  24. Regina Smith says:

    My 2018 Kia Sportage windshield cracked for no reason on July 22, 2021. Claim placed with insurance company. refereed me to Safelite glass company. According to Safelite they cant get wind shield saying its a national shortage. Called Kia head quarters no help at all.
    Kia needs to help its customers. Please tell me who to call next. Kia needs to pay.

  25. Colleen Roberts says:

    I have a leased Kia Sportage that I don’t like. Then last Saturday I went to see a friend, later that day my hubby drove n when I got into passenger side, and to my surprise, I seen a crack about a dollar bill size, you can’t see it from drivers side, u am pissed, not only was I ripped off purchasing the car, now this. Not to mention I have to pay for my oil changes with no lender car

  26. Jolene Hicks says:

    My brand new-for 2022 Kia Carnival did the same thing. $800 for replacement parts, $200 to install and $160 to recalibrate the camera. Where do I sign up in advance for the class-action lawsuit that will be covering the Carnival? My 2001 Ford F-150 has taken numerous rocks over the years and those never even needed to be filled. I had this vehicle for 3 weeks and the window cracks in an oval all around the front windshield. Why keep making a defective windshield Kia? I had to wait for 5 months to get it repaired too because nowhere in the United States was the moulding to be found. Finally a parts dept. supervisor found 2 in the U.S. and got me one of them. Awesome to not be able to drive your new vehicle for months because of inferior parts. Thanks Kia.

  27. Joey Price says:

    We had our 1st light freeze overnight, woke up and my windshield on my 2021 Kia Forte GT was cracked, starting at the passenger side wiper all the way across the windshield to the drivers side. Will contact the dealer when they open and see if they will be covering this. Windshield was not cracked when I parked the car yesterday.

  28. Anthony Audi says:

    My 2-month-old 2022 Kia Sportage as I was driving no one on the road, smooth pavement, all of a sudden directly in front of me the windshield started cracking, called dealer and they said not under warranty..frustrating as this seems to be a recurring problem with Kia vehicles. Is there a class action against Kia on this?

  29. Carmella Siravo says:

    My Kia Sportage is having same issue. Windshield crack starts from passenger side under wiper blade from hood then spreads to the center in a curve like line. Twice in two weeks, nothing hit it and no weather changes, live in Florida.

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