Class Action Suits Hits Kia Over Alleged Defective Windshields

Yandery Sanchez has become the lead plaintiff in a class action complaint, filed in Central California, against Kia Motors America Inc. (Kia). Sanchez alleges Kia is responsible for knowingly selling defective windshields. Sanchez states the allegedly defective windshields crack, chip and/or fracture spontaneously.

According to the class action complaint, 2020 Kia Telluride windshields fail “for no reason other than they were defective from the beginning.” Sanchez alleges Kia skipped issuing a recall of its Telluride windshields because of a “goodwill gesture” that implied the auto manufacturer would replace them. The windshields allegedly crack, chip and fracture due to design or manufacturing defects that existed since the Tellurides went on sale, according to the complaint.

Sanchez is seeking the following:

  1. An order certifying the proposed Class;
  2. Money damages in the form of a refund of the full contract price;
  3. Equitable relief including but not limited to, replacement of the class vehicles with new vehicles, or repair of the alleged defective vehicles with an extension of the express warranties and service contracts;
  4. A declaration requiring Kia to comply with the various provisions of the state and federal consumer protection statutes herein alleged and to make all the required disclosures;
  5. Reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs; and
  6. A recall of the alleged defective windshields by Kia.


Sanchez purchased a new 2020 Kia Telluride in November 2019. His windshield cracked in January 2020 and Sanchez claims he didn’t see anything hit his windshield. The crack spread and additional cracks began to appear on the vehicle’s windshield.

“It was not hit by debris from the road. They both start from the edge of the glass and spread across the windshield. I contacted the local dealership and can have it replaced for $800. I think this should be a recall due to it being a widespread issue,” Sanchez said in his class action complaint.

Sanchez stated had he and other class members known about the alleged windshield defect they would not have purchased the Telluride, or they would have paid “substantially less for them.” “Kia knew of and concealed the windshield defect that is contained in every class vehicle,” a portion of the complaint reads.

According to Sanchez, he along with other class members have suffered a loss of money, property, and/or loss in value of their class vehicles and should be compensated.

Kia has yet to respond to the class action complaint or any of its allegations. Look to a future edition of glassBYTEs for more information on this suit.

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9 Responses to Class Action Suits Hits Kia Over Alleged Defective Windshields

  1. JUDY LONG-LEOFO says:

    my 2020 Kia Soul’s windshield just suffered a stress fracture – fine Wednesday night crack line from passenger side frame on Thursday morning. I purchased the car in April 2020. Are there other Kia Souls with the same problem? Are the windshields on Soul & Telluride from the same manufacture and/or are they interchangeable?

    • Derrick says:

      My Kia Sportage windshield just suffered a crack from the bottom near the wipers 6” up
      It happen over night, nothing hit the car or windshield but the streak appear out of no wear.
      The date was November 9th 2020. took to the dealer and said it was not covered and would cost me over $900 to get repaired. Even though
      I paid over $4000 extra in warranties

    • Jim Dirkes says:

      By 2020 Kia soul GT just had the windshield cracked for no reason at all. I was driving on the road with nobody else on it, and all of a sudden the windshield cracked across the top.

  2. Dennis Weir says:

    Drove new Kia Soul home on 12/12/2020 and parked in my garage. Did not use on 12/13. On 12/14 discovered crack in windshield about 1/2 way up and 9″ long on passenger side. Called dealer and took it to them on 12/15. They looked at it and verified that nothing had struck the windshield. They said that they can not replace it under warranty and suggested that I call Kia.
    Reported the problem to KIA on 12/15 and am waiting for a determination.

  3. Mellissa Young Ramirez says:

    My KIA Optima Hybrid Windshield also cracked from driver side and spread across to passenger side. It began one night in 2019-20, I thought someone vandalized it or it was chipped but no signs of a chip & nothing had hit windshield…… $200 to be replaced by a local place, I am glad I did not go to dealership.

  4. Orly Brandes Klein says:

    my kia seltos front glass cracked spontaneiusly two days ago. I’ve had the car for only about a month!

  5. Jeremy says:

    My 2021 telluride windshield just cracked out of nowhere while I was out of town and I had no choice but to replace it asap…

  6. Jeremy young says:

    My 2021 telluride windshield just cracked out of nowhere while I was out of town and I had no choice but to replace it asap…

  7. Claudia Duque says:

    My 2020 Telluride cracked too. Came out one day to see a crack from drivers side across to passenger side. SMH

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