Companies on Alert for Potential Scam Emails

An email sent out this morning on behalf of Belron International, Safelite’s parent company, from Humphrey Singer may contain malware. The email contained two attachments, however, it listed “” as the sending address, which is not a valid domain, according to experts.

“Hackers are extremely fond of malicious programs called ‘ransomware’ which they use to deny you access to your network and essentially hold your data hostage until you pay them an exorbitant ransom to have it removed,” said Bryan Hovey, Key Media and Research web developer. “Programs like these can and have crippled some company’s ability to operate and have even forced some to shut down.”

Some industry companies have had some of its employees working remotely since COVID-19 began impacting the country, but employees still need to be aware of the potential “scam” emails that may end up in their inboxes.

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2 Responses to Companies on Alert for Potential Scam Emails

  1. Security Specialist says:

    I doubt very much that it came from anyone at Belron – your security ‘expert’ should have told you that this is very typical of attackers to generate such email – they look genuine but aren’t – and don’t come from the real sender at all ! – everyone should look carefully at any email regardless as per your expert suggests – take care folks !

  2. anthony ricely says:

    safelite network i feel purpsely holding high price invioces for payment
    i have of invioce from 9\1\20 for 1396.00 dollars 1st response from shop care no
    pop for recal 2nd response from shop care didnt put static or dynamic recal on
    invoice even though its was preapproved 3rd response checking on payment
    shop care said theirs no invoice bull just o slow done becausse they need money
    in my opinion

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