COVID Boosts Digital Age for Auto Claims

Some auto glass members say having digital options for customers is needed and COVID-19 increased demand. The insurance claims side of the industry has offered customers options to file and check claim status reports online, and experts agree on its appeal.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for claims organizations to digitize and make other changes to appeal to the younger generation of workers,” said Rebecca Morgan, Mitchell International worker’s compensation solutions product management vice president. Mitchell International is the parent company of National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS). “For example, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies preferred that their employees work in the office.”

According to Morgan, auto insurance companies were faced with changing its plans when local governments started issuing stay-at-home orders. She noted that there is an estimated 25-30% of workforces that aim to continue having some of its staff work from home after the pandemic is over. “Companies had to accelerate multi-year plans that they had in place and boost technology and networks in order to successfully transition their employees to working from home,” she said.

The industry will need to shift again when it comes to how auto related businesses recruit, train and retain employees, according to Morgan. She highlighted five changes that companies should consider making, which included:

  1. Having updated workplace technology;
  2. Recruiting future employees effectively;
  3. Emphasizing training or retraining employees;
  4. Developing employees; and
  5. Retaining employees.

“In order to effectively attract, train, develop and retain employees from the younger generations, the insurance industry must update its workplace technology,” explains Morgan. “Our industry needs innovation and new technology in order to be more effective at meeting our business goals. Doubling the number of employees using the latest technology leads to an 11% increase in profitability for U.S. companies.”

According to Morgan, the pandemic caused the industry to rely on technology to an even greater degree and has accelerated the industry’s need for innovation.

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