Owner Retires from Fas-Break Glass

Kevin Massick

Fas-Break Glass took to its social media page to congratulate Kevin Massick, Fas-Break owner, located in Billings, Mont., on his retirement. Massick bought a distributorship and joined the Fas-Break Corporation in 1994, according to the company.

“Kevin is a rock in the auto glass industry and to Fas-Break throughout our history,” said Kerry Soat, Fas-Break CEO. “Not only a good friend but a staunch supporter of everyone in Fas-Break. One of our corporate training facilities over the years and has been a big part in our successes. Kevin you will be missed in Fas-Break for sure but we will never lose your friendship. Thank you.”

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1 Response to Owner Retires from Fas-Break Glass

  1. Don Ford says:

    I have known Kevin for a long time. I always thought of him as a fighter. Fighting through all of his competition for his share of the market in Billings Mt. He knows how to find the windshields that need to be replaced and paid for.
    Cheers to Kevin
    Don Ford
    fmr SRP rep retired

    BTW Kevin used on of my best products for the best SDAT.

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