Arizona Approves Local Auto Glass and Tint Contractors, Protects Agencies and Co-Op Members from Fraud

After allegations of fraudulent insurance claims or non-performance by Arizona-based auto glass repair companies earlier in 2020, the state released a newly evaluated contractor list that has been approved to provide glass and tint services to nearly 400 state agencies and over 800 co-op members. The three approved vendors, now published on the new Arizona Procurement Portal, include Matrix Auto Glass and Tint, which is located in Tucson, Ariz.

The State of Arizona website explains the difference in public and private procurement, where private procurement does not have the transparency requirements, is less sustainable, and not focused on social responsibility. The strategic use of state procurement to vet contractors for insurance-based glass claims and window tinting will help each agency (and co-op member) to avoid doing any business with fraudulent vendors.

“It is imperative police officers have clear vision and the National Highway Safety Administration has standards in place that are enforced so that we don’t put our officers or civilians in a dangerous place,” said Bill Richards, a 29-year veteran and retired Tucson Police Department captain and former Logistics Commander. “Service is a big thing for me and Tucson is a service oriented community. Hearing that Matrix Auto Glass and Tint was evaluated and approved for this contract was assuring because Charlie, the owner, has always taken care of law enforcement and my family.”

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) published in 2020 that Arizona policyholders had allegedly filed 2,655,567 auto glass claims from 2015-2019. Insurance industry data shows that during that time, 10% of the total auto glass claims in the US were in Arizona.

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1 Response to Arizona Approves Local Auto Glass and Tint Contractors, Protects Agencies and Co-Op Members from Fraud

  1. Kerry Soat says:

    Duh…we rake our rocks in our yards not grass. Every roadway has desert landscaping made up of rocks put there by the AZ Dept of Transportation. Of course we are going to have more rock damage then any state. AZ has it’s own Autoglass Fraud Law which I personally worked on. Since 2006 we have had 10 filed fraud cases. Fraud is the new key word by Insurance companies to promote fear. Their ultimate goal is to get rid of our $0 deductible glass coverage which unlike other states it’s an option not mandatory. It would be devastating to the AZ consumers and safety to lose that coverage. Mathematicaly its expensive coverage since the $5 or $6 a month premium is only covering the standard $500 deductible. That’s a premium level of $144 per $1,000 of coverage. High compared to other coverages. Insurance companies should pay attention to their own business and leave the autoglass industry to focus on safety not lobbying legislators.

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