Carlex Glass Leverages SurveyMonkey Enterprise to Improve its Internal COVID-19 Communication

SurveyMonkey says its platform has helped Carlex Glass ensure the health of its employees and keep productivity high across the company throughout the pandemic, which resulted in safer worksites, according to the company. SurveyMonkey provides a mobile-friendly and automated symptom-tracking solution that helps businesses reopen and continue to operate safely with onsite, in-field or remote health checks.

In April 2020, Carlex Glass, a subsidiary of Japan’s Central Glass, began considering how to implement an employee wellness check-in program for its 1,800 employees across six plants to get them back up to full capacity. The leadership team at Carlex Glass was searching for a solution that wasn’t difficult to implement, time-consuming, or expensive and turned to SurveyMonkey.

Carlex Glass adopted SurveyMonkey Enterprise to track coronavirus risk factors through daily surveys, providing a comprehensive view that keeps the company’s HR and pandemic oversight committee up-to-date. Carlex sent its employees a survey to begin building a stronger foundation of employee contact information, followed by a return-to-work survey with four questions built around CDC guidelines.

“SurveyMonkey has created more efficiency in our return-to-work process and a better means of communication with our team members,” said Bill Walker, Carlex Glass chief information officer. “The level of internal communication we’ve achieved with SurveyMonkey simply wouldn’t have been possible with a fully in-person check-in process. We’ve experienced significant savings in time and investment – the overall ROI has been amazing.”

Carlex Glass’ initial round of surveys had high response rates at around 70%, with more than 17,000 responses collected to date. Walker estimates that using SurveyMonkey has saved the company $9,000 per day in overtime costs.

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