Half of Drivers are Unaware That Chipped Windscreens Could Fail Their MOT

Drivers are worryingly unaware of a common threat that could lead to a failed MOT test this winter, according to Autoglass. The company conducted a survey that found 24% of drivers incorrectly believe that windscreen chips are not a part of the standard MOT test, while 24% are unsure.

As the frost sets in 19% of regular car drivers admitted to using credit cards to de-ice their windscreen, which can scratch and damage the windscreen, according to Autoglass.

“Winter is a time when drivers need to take particular care of their windscreens to ensure they are fit for use and will not cause any issues when driving, said Taxiarchis Konstantopoulos, Autoglass managing director. “It is vital that drivers get all windscreen chips seen to by an accredited technician as soon as possible to prevent them from turning into cracks or leading to a failed MOT.”

The research also found that drivers intend to drive less this Christmas due the Covid-19 restrictions, with the average UK Christmas driver driving around 13 miles less this year compared to last.

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