Eastman Debuts as Exhibitor at CES 2021

For the first time, Eastman Chemical Company (Eastman) exhibited at CES 2021. The company presented Saflex® advanced interlayers for automotive laminated glass. CES provides the perfect platform to kick-off the year and get connected on recent advances in signal-friendly solar solutions, acoustic layers to enhance speech recognition, and next generation head-up display (HUD) interlayers for projecting augmented reality, according to the company.

“CES 2021 offers a unique opportunity to engage with innovation leaders in display, consumer electronics, and acoustics in the auto industry,” says Hemant Dandekar, Eastman marketing and strategy director – advanced interlayers.

The company’s Saflex automotive team discussed Saflex advanced interlayers for laminating automotive glass, including recent product launches of the Saflex E series enhanced acoustic interlayer and its newest solar interlayers for signal-friendly, multifunctional windshields, according to Eastman.

Eastman has developed new HUD technology systems, including In-Plane/Transparent Display, and foresees a future of improved driver safety with Augmented Reality-HUD (AR-HUD). According to Eastman, AR-HUD will enable drivers to make adjustments in real time with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) alerts and navigation prompts that display graphics at virtual image distances (VID) up to infinite distance

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