Industry Members Share Their Thoughts on The Vaccine

The coronavirus changed how people live and do business, and now as vaccines are becoming more available, the auto glass industry could find itself adapting yet again. A few auto glass members weigh in on the vaccine, and if they will make it mandatory for their employees. One also shares his experience with getting the first dose of the vaccine—hopefully soon.

So Close

Ira Turner, vice president of Syosset Glass & Mirror, located in Syosset, N.Y., has spent nearly six decades in the industry and was a candidate for the first round of COVID vaccinations. Turner was scheduled to get the vaccine this morning, but a last minute change postponed him. “My appointment was cancelled because the university that advertised having availability suddenly said it was a little too premature and were not getting any in,” Turner explained. He is now scheduled to receive the first dose in March.

Although today isn’t his vaccination day, Turner remains excited about having the opportunity to get it in the upcoming months. He said it’s “because he’s an old fart” and is in the high risk category due to his age.

“I’m on the road a lot visiting customers and Long Island is having its share of COVID problems,” said Turner. “I’m not really preparing for it. I’m going to drive up there, show them my arm and get a shot. I’m 80 years old and I’d like to get both shots as soon as I can so that I can protect myself.”

Employee Vaccinations

Ted Andersen, vice president of franchising at Novus Inc., headquartered in St. Paul, Minn. and Peter Brown, president of Tiny & Son’s Auto Glass, located in Pembroke, Mass., spoke about employee vaccinations during the Auto Glass Week Preview Day COVID session. Both agreed that it is an individual choice, but it’s one that should be taken seriously.

“It’s hard because that’s a personal right and if they choose not to I can’t force that issue,” said Brown. “But I am encouraging them [my employees] to get it just like the flu shot. It’s just a no brainer for protection especially as you get older.” (See related story)

Brown also noted that proper vaccine education is needed moving forward. “I’m kind of glad that there’s a new [presidential] leadership now so we can get some honest information out to try to get people to understand that the shot is good and you’re going to need it,” Brown explained. “I just have to be positive, open and listen to [my employees] and hopefully I can talk them into getting the shot.”

“I would encourage it as well, as this is another one that hits home,” said Andersen. “My son is in the medical field and he’s had it and I think it helps. I know people are concerned about the vaccines and that is their right and if they so choose not to get it then that’s their right.”

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