Auto Glass Technician Outlines Tips for 2020 Civic Back Glass Replacement

Thanks so much to Aaron Bradford, of Driftwood Auto Glass for writing an article for glassBYTEs on how to install the Civic back glass on the 2020 model. Bradford told us that the back glass was a particularly difficult install, so he composed these instructions to help other auto glass technicians who might run into the same difficulties.

Step 1:

Start by pre-inspecting the vehicle. You want to make sure to check that the spoiler/trim is secure and not damaged, as well as for any scratches in the paint from fallen glass.

Step 2:

Place drop-cloths on the ground and inside of the hatch area to contain any tempered glass that may fall during the auto glass replacement.

Step 3 (see photos 3a-3b ):

Remove the windshield wiper. Once the plastic cover is removed there is a 10 mm nut holding the wiper. I always recommend using a wiper puller to remove the arm without damaging the motor. Under the arm there is a plastic trim piece, beneath this there is a 23 mm nut and metal washer that must be removed.

photo 3a

photo 3b

Step 4 (see photos 4a-4c):

Remove the decklid held in place with hooks, and set aside in a safe location.

photo 4a

photo 4b

photo 4c

Step 5 (see photos 5a-5b):

Remove handle covers with a plastic trim tool and two 10 mm bolts under each handle.

photo 5a

photo 5b

Step 6 (see photos 6a-6b):

Remove the two rectangular rubber tailgate stoppers. (They are held in place with three barbed plastic posts on each side. Use a plastic wedge with an angled pick to release.) They are easily damaged and may need to be replaced to fit snugly again. The Honda part numbers are 74828-TGGAO1 (left) and 74829-TGGAO1 (right).

photo 6a

photo 6b

Step 7 (see photo 7):

Remove the two-part clips (2) along the bottom edge, near the handles and stoppers.

photo 7

Step 8 (see photos 8a-8c):

Next, you’ll want to remove the interior trim pieces. Start with the upper section, then side pieces before going to the large lower section, as they are all held in place with standard panel clips.

photo 8a

photo 8b

photo 8c

Step 9 (see photo 9):

Now you can remove the wiper motor. Unplug the wiring harness and remove the 10 mm bolts.

photo 9

Step 10 (see photo 10):

Under the wiper motor, there is a 10 mm nut/washer. Don’t forget to replace this during reassembly.

photo 10

Step 11 (see photos 11a-11d):

Now we can remove the lights. Each side has a plug, as well as two 8 mm bolts, and one 8 mm nut, as well as a plastic alignment pin.

photo 11a

photo 11b

photo 11c

photo 11d

Step 12 (see photos 12a-12b):

Next, the exterior trim and handle must be removed. There is a wiring harness and grommet to remove, two 8mm bolts on each side, two 8 mm nuts, and nine plastic clips holding it on. The clips release with a quick twist of a plastic wedge tool.

photo 12a

photo 12b

Step 13 (see photo 13):

Next there are two 10 mm bolts with washers on each side of the lower spoiler to remove, as well as another plug and grommet for the third brake light.

photo 13

Step 14 (see photos 14a-14b):

Finally, we can remove the upper spoiler by removing a 10mm bolt on each side, then using a plastic wedge to release the clips.

photo 14a

photo 14b

Step 15:

Vacuum and clean debris out of the lift gate and vehicle interior.

Step 16:

Prepare pinchweld and glass according to manufacturer instructions for the adhesive you are using.

Step 17:

Reassemble in reverse order.

Step 18:

Perform post-installation inspection. Test to ensure that there are no leaks and that lights, wiper, and latch release function correctly. Clean the glass. Lastly, you can inform the customer of the minimum drive away time, care guidelines, and thank them for their business.

Do you have tips for a tricky auto glass installation? If so, email for inclusion in a future glassBYTEs report.

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4 Responses to Auto Glass Technician Outlines Tips for 2020 Civic Back Glass Replacement

  1. What’s the most obvious thing missing from this article? Everyone who reads it is asking the exact same thing I am. What is the year of the Honda Civic.scott says:

    What’s the most obvious thing missing from this article? Everyone who reads it is asking the exact same thing I am. What is the year of the Honda Civic

  2. Tara Taffera says:

    It’s the 2020 model. Sorry about that!

  3. Gilberto says:

    We just did one of this yesterday and the glass has distortion

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