Custom Glass Solutions Works One Million Hours Without a Lost-Time Injury

On March 17, Custom Glass Solutions reported that its windshield manufacturing plant in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, had achieved 1 million hours of work without a lost time injury. Employee health and safety manager Victor Foss, is pleased but is focused on keeping the noteworthy streak going.

L-R: Victor Foss, employee health & safety manager, and Travis King, plant manager of Custom Glass Solutions’ Upper Sandusky facility.

“To me, it’s a matter of being on track for two million and then three million and then four million,” Foss said. “In my opinion, we can’t ever let the foot off the gas. As much as I was excited to celebrate the victory here, I’m looking for more than just a small win. I’m still looking towards—what is the next one? What is the next way that we can benchmark how we’re doing our employees right?”

Custom Glass Solutions emphasizes safe production. This mindset is highlighted at the top of the company’s five core elements—Safety First, Do The Right Thing, Wow Your Customer, Relationships Matter and Can Do Attitude. Foss said that talents and skills hold less weight if the work they’re associated with doesn’t align with the organization’s values, which have the potential to prevent injury if applied properly.

“We really put a focus on our frontline supervisors to really think of things from a proactive way rather than being reactive,” Foss said. “If someone gets injured, it’s great if we can figure out how [we can] make sure that doesn’t happen again. But how do we try to tackle it from a proactive perspective so we don’t have to scratch our heads and say afterwards, ‘we really could have prevented someone from getting hurt there.’”

Foss said that a commitment to safety extends far beyond initial training.

“As part of our onboarding process, we do some pretty extensive safety training,” Foss said. “I can tell you, we pretty much pound it in from the start. It’s one of those things [that] I talk to my team daily about. [We] think about how we’re influencing our folks and people that we work around at every level. In all work conversations, we should be planting seeds and watering them and helping them grow and nourish.”

Chris Collier is a contributing writer for glassBYTEs.

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