Part 2: To Retarget or Not to Retarget?

Marketing makes the business world turn round the sun every day. How else can you get information out about your business in an age when digital is king? Email services are available so that when customers simply click on your company website, whether they make a purchase or request contact, you can still reach out to them. This marketing strategy is referred to as retargeting.

According to in a 2018 article, email retargeting provides several advantages. Sometimes a customer will leave a cart on your website of items unpurchased. An email to them may remind them later to complete the purchase process, or prompt them to reach out for assistance if they encountered a problem.

Perhaps they visited your auto glass website, but did not schedule an appointment. Did they have questions about service which they could not get answered? Did they have questions about availability for an appointment? Good customer service never goes out of style. also mentions the advantage of an email notifying a customer that a product they viewed has now been reduced in price. From a customer’s viewing, you can also determine product interest, which enables your company to reach out via personalized email with further details about the products of interest, or details about products similar to what the customer has purchased.

Retargeting can give your company an opportunity to share deep brand stories with customers, according to, and can create customer retention. Sharing your business’s origin story through email is much easier than in an advertisement online. Customers who respond to the email can often become long-term and loyal to what your business has to offer., however, cautions against too much of an effort to personalize emails. Addressing the email with an incorrect name will not get you very far with that customer.

Complex ad sequences can also be a disadvantage in your endeavor to reach out to a customer, according to They not only can be expensive, but ad sequences can be a waste of resources if not creatively focused on your company, and delivered in the proper order.

Ultimately, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of email retargeting, whether the marketing strategy will work for your business is each business owner’s decision.

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