Marketing Strategy Targets—and Retargets — Potential Customers

Visit Safelite’s website and you just might become a target, or rather a retarget, of the auto glass giant.

Visitors to Safelite AutoGlass’ website may have noticed they may receive automatic emails for glass services within a few days of their visit to the Safelite website. The advertising is targeted to potential buyers who visited, but did not book the job with the company.

“Busy schedule? Safelite can still fix it fast,” says the headline of an  email urging the consumer to “book online today.” A second email arriving a few days later is a branded reminder of “Auto Glass Service Whenever You Need It,” telling the consumer that “Safelite can still fix it fast.”

Retargeting is not an unusual digital marketing practice, although it can be controversial. Retargeting ads contact consumers after they leave a website without “buying” to an effort to still influence behavior.

In this case, the retargeting ads are sent by SafeOpt, a company whose methodology is considered highly effective.

Safelite was unavailable for comment.

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1 Response to Marketing Strategy Targets—and Retargets — Potential Customers

  1. Scott Harkey says:

    Retargeting is legal and ethical. But calling our Geico customer and leaving voicemails four days in a row just because they switched their windshield appointment from those guys to our shop is called re-bullying. Our customer’s comments were: “I found the calls annoying and slightly aggressive.” and also: “all of the voicemails had the tempo and enthusiasm of a robocall–it was clear that my name and number was on some sort of daily contact list and the person calling (a different person each day) was responsible for rebooking me with that provider instead.” Those guys are ruthless.

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