Will Robots Decide What to Repair? Or What to Replace?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the phrase “there’s an app for that” to the next level.

Sedgwick and CCC Intelligent Solutions look to digitize the repair/replacement process. (Photo courtesy of Sedgwick and CCC Intelligent Solutions)

Sedgwick, a third-party administrator that works with insurance carriers, is partnering with CCC Intelligent Solutions to enable policyholders to process claims via their mobile phones.

“[Sedgwick will] use our solutions to power their claims automations,” says Barrett Callaghan, executive vice president of customer success for CCC Intelligent Solutions.

The partnership with CCC Intelligent Solutions will enable Sedgwick to digitize offerings and combine them with the ability to identify vehicle damage, including the need for glass repair or replacement, for the insured. “So it’s a much better consumer experience,” Callaghan says. From first notice of loss to claims resolution, CCC will enable customers to handle their insurance claims through a mobile phone application, including, if necessary, deciding total loss and smart estimate by AI.

“We’re seeing a larger uptick with mobile engagement with the app,” Callaghan says. An insured motorist involved in an auto accident can use the mobile app to answer specific questions, including if anyone was injured, upload a photo of the need for glass repair/replacement and the damaged vehicle, and AI will generate an estimate.

Callaghan says that CCC’s solutions will provide prompts to guide the policyholder through the claims process. “COVID, I think, has been a huge driver [for the mobile app process],” he says. CCC’s ultimate goal with providing AI to evaluate auto damage evaluation, Callaghan says, is “to provide a differentiated and customized experience.” Customers are at the forefront, and the app is designed to make personalized decisions according to the customer’s situation. “The speed is unprecedented,” Callaghan says. “The faster you take care of the customer and make the experience delightful, the better the experience for the customer.”

“We believe this is just the beginning,” Callaghan says of future technology with AI, which could expand into other areas, including a mobile app for injuries. As Sedgwick continues to scale business opportunities, the administrator can use CCC to better deliver AI to customers in a “consumer-friendly way.”

Callaghan says he sees CCC “delivering an amazing experience faster, and we create a full transparency [experience].” CCC is at the beginning stages of what AI can offer. Callaghan says the goal is to enable customers to go digital and be comfortable with digital. “We’re incredibly excited. There’s no telling what’s possible for the new innovations we’re going to be delivering.”

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